How to contact the Music Department

The best way to contact the Music Department is via email.


The Alternation does accept music for review from local bands. We receive a large volume of music, so it takes time to review the tunes and determine whether or not they meet our format and recording quality expectations. There are two in which you can submit music:

  1. VIA EMAIL by sending tracks to

  2. VIA USPS (snail mail) to:

WSTB-FM/The Alternation

ATTN: Music Department

8585 State Route 14

Streetsboro OH 44241

Band Interviews with your favorite bands


DJ Ritts interview drummer Kevin, and lead guitarist Garrett

ST.J (July 2021)

Corey and Roderick interview lead singer and guitarist David Stump

Bank Robbery - David Stump (PERFORMED LIVE ON-AIR)

Fade to Black - David Stump (PERFORMED LIVE ON-AIR)

Heart Sand Glue - David Stump (PERFORMED LIVE ON-AIR)

Down - David Stump (PERFORMED LIVE ON-AIR)

CHIL (January 2019)

Attic Session with Fido

DANIEL RYLANDER (January 2019)

Attic Session with Fido

Sink With Me - Daniel Rylander

Move - Daniel Rylander

Love You More - Daniel Rylander

Understanding - Daniel Rylander

SABATON (2018)

The Gray Goose interviews bassist PÄR SUNDSTRÖM

DANIEL RYLANDER (November 2017)

Interview with ZOOM

FLIGHT 619 (October 2017)

Interview with ZOOM

I FIGHT FAIL (September 2017)

Interview with The Mailman

DROP TO ZERO (May 2017)

Interview with ZOOM

CHIL (May 2017)

Interview with ZOOM

David Stump, Lead Singer and Guitarist for ST.J

Daniel Rylander, Lead Singer and Guitarist

Chil, with The Mailman, The Captain, and Zoom