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Roby Consolidated Independent School District is a public school district located in Roby, Texas, and the county seat of Fisher County. Roby, Texas is approximately 20 miles north of Sweetwater and 50 miles northwest of Abilene, Texas. Roby CISD is served by Region 14 Education Service Center which is located in Abilene, Texas.

The school district covers over 320 square miles and serves students from early education through 12th grade. Currently, the school district has an enrollment of 300 students and is designated as a District of Innovation.

The District's mission is to prepare all students to function effectively, and productively. This mission is grounded in the belief all students can learn and can be successful in learning tasks if the teaching and learning experiences are meaningful, appropriate and challenging. To this end, the District is committed to the correlates of effective schools through their daily application in the operations at the District and campus levels.

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P.O. Box 519 :: 141 South College Street :: Roby, Texas 79543

(325) 776-2222 [phone] :: (325) 267-2622 [fax]