DR Rob Wilks

Deaf, Rob is a non-practising solicitor and since qualification, has advised over 2,000 members of the deaf community on a range of legal issues, mostly employment and discrimination.

He is currently a Lecturer in Professional Law at Cardiff University teaching business law and practice on the Legal Practice Course.

Rob was awarded his doctorate in 2020 by the University of Leicester examining the title: ‘Making equality law work for Deaf people.’ More information about his thesis can be found here.

He has recently turned his attention to deaf education, and recently published a report with Rachel O’Neill at the University of Edinburgh comparing Welsh- and Gaelic-medium education with that of BSL, putting forward recommendations on how to ensure BSL is taught as part of the new Curriculum for Wales. He has an interest in sign language recognition and is developing Deaf Legal Theory as a new perspective in legal jurisprudence.

This website has a free Create a Letter feature that aims to make it easier for members of the Deaf community to communicate with their political representative in Westminster, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and to complain about any discriminatory treatment.