RCS Instructional Technology

1:1? Quick Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to learn from students. You can be a learner and still be the authority in the room.

  • Try not to confiscate a Chromebook as a consequence, unless they are grossly misusing it.

  • Have a Plan B. Devices and the internet are for the most part dependable, but outages happen, and learning must go on.

  • Try not to plan 100 percent of the lesson on the Chromebooks and always have an alternative, should the internet or a particular website be down.

  • Do not use Chromebooks just because they are available. It is not necessary to use technology simply to use technology.

  • A refresher on digital citizenship and digital literacy will help the use of Chromebooks be more efficient. Are students aware of what it means to be digitally responsible and safe?


RCS Instructional Resources Classroom

Please check the Google Classroom for updates, recordings, and information from sessions that were offered this summer as well as general information about instructional technology at RCS.


One of the easiest ways to get to know the educational resources available to you is to check out the certifications, badges, and free training almost all of them offer.

Screencastify is not new to our district, but you may not realize all the tools it offers! They offer several self-paced courses to help you get to know the programs (Record, Edit, and Submit) and how they can be used with the greatest impact for you and your students.

Everything you need to know to start creating videos for your classroom in 10 minutes.

Learn the basics of Screencastify Record and some popular ways to connect with anyone, from anywhere.

Learn how to use Screencastify Edit along with a few strategies for maximizing engagement and personalizing learning.

Learn how to marry Screencastify Record with Google Apps as you plan and execute a lesson. If you're an educator at a Google school, this is the course for you!

Learn the ins and out of Screencastify Submit and how you can use it to hear from your students, colleagues, and school community.