Neshobe Music

Important Music Dates for 2017/2018!

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October 31 - Halloween Parade (Advanced Band is marching)

December 19 7:00pm - Middle Level winter evening concert

(Advanced Band/Jazz Band/Select Singers)

December 20 8:45am - Middle Level winter morning concert

school wide holiday sing-along

February 8 6:30pm - Primary evening concert

February 9 8:45am - Primary morning concert

March 22 6:30pm - 3rd and 4th Grade evening concert

March 23 8:45am - 3rd and 4th Grade morning concert

April 11 - Band Day for Advanced Band (this date is pending)

May 1 7:00pm - Middle Level spring evening concert

May 2 8:45am - Middle Level spring morning concert

May 28 10:00 - Memorial Day parade for Advanced Band