Grade 5 Explorers Project


For your online research, go to these sources first. Ms. Fjeld will give you the login for these resources:


Enchanted Learning Explorers Page

You can look up your explorer by their last name, or you can search at the bottom of the page.

Who2 Biography Search

When you find the biography of your explorer on this site, look at the 4 Good Links on the left hand side of the page to find other great, in depth websites. Explorers

Search Engines

Kiddle Search Engine

Try this search engine first.

Infotopia Search Engine

Make sure you look below the ads at the top of the page for your search results!

FactMonster Search Engine

This is another search engine option.

Maps and Flags

To make a map of your explorer's route, use Scribble Maps. Click "Create Map" in the upper right corner. Have fun!

Looking for a flag? Try the CIA World Fact Book's Flags of the World.

Citing Sources

You can NoodleTools to keep track of your information sources. Access NoodleTools by clicking on the Google Waffle from your email, and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the menu.