Contact Information:

Phone: (802) 247 - 3721 Ext. 2043


Our Classroom:

· “Flexible Seating” – In our classroom we have incorporated flexible (or alternative) seating. This means that when students are working they will have the freedom to find comfortable spaces around the room to work. They might be kneeling, standing, working on a lap desk, sitting in a rocker chair and using a clipboard, sitting on a stool, sitting on a yoga ball, sitting on a T-stool, sitting on a wobble chair, etc. There are many possibilities of what this can look like in a classroom. Research shows that students are able to focus and do their best work when they are comfortable and engaged. These seating options give them more responsibility in their learning, and give them the opportunity to make positive social and academic choices.

· Yoga – I recently attended a conference that discussed using yoga in the classroom, and the remarkable benefits it can have for attention and cognition. We will practice yoga each day. Some days we practice for two minutes, and others we practice for close to 15. I was impressed by how positive and serious last year’s students were while practicing this, and how they seemed to pay much more attention after we finish. I hope that this class enjoys learning about yoga, and that it helps them learn coping mechanisms and a variety of useful strategies!

Integrated Arts Schedule:

  • Monday: Music
  • Tuesday: Art
  • Wednesday: Spanish
  • Thursday: Library & P.E.
  • Friday: P.E.

Important Dates:

August 30th - First Day of School

September 4th - Labor Day

September 14th - Open House

October 20th - Open House

October 20th - No School

November 9th - Parent Conferences

November 10th - Inservice (no school)

November 16th - Parent Conferences

November 22nd-24th - Thanksgiving Recess

December 21st-29th - December Recess