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I would like you to meet Landry. Landry is 9 years old; he plays baseball with the Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball Association Challenger Program, sponsored by the JaysCare Foundation.

Landry will be having open heart surgery on Sept 27th. This is going to be another open heart procedure on a child that has already had more surgeries at the age of 9 than most people will have in their lifetime! In anticipation of the surgery, Landry has to stay home from school for the next month. He has chronic lung disease that easily leads to pneumonia - can’t have that before his surgery.

Landry is a great ball player - he loves to run those bases - and a big sports fan. In baseball, Landry cheers for the Jays (of course) while his Dad is a die-hard Yankees fan. Landry likes to watch (American) football with his Dad; I am teaching him that the LA Rams are the best football team around. Landry also cheers for the Canucks in hockey. I am getting Landry on board to cheer for Brazil in World Cup soccer (football).

Landry is a HUGE Avengers fan. He loves dressing up like a superhero (including Thor, Captain America and the Hulk). Which I think is really fitting, because Landry is a superhero already!

Landry’s nickname is “Monkey”, that is also one of his favourite animals. Landry also loves to play Beyblades, he is often having battles on the sidelines when his parents are playing baseball.

It would be really great to show Landry big love and support from around the world. Please send him a get well soon/ encouragement/ good luck card / postcard. Are you good at drawing? Send a picture that Landry can hang up. How about a picture of a superhero or a Beyblade?

Are you a good photographer? Send a photo that we can post on Landry’s wall. Please share this so Landry can receive lots of mail! You can send mail to Landry in care of Melissa:

Landry c/o Melis

549 Howe St, #600

Vancouver, BC

Canada V6C 2C2

It would be really great if the Jays sent Landry something, and the Yankees (if they want to try to lure him away from the Jays cheering section), and the Rams, best football team, and the Canucks, etc. So please share and re-tweet this link to absolutely everyone that you know. Tag these amazing sports teams, and any others, please!

For local families, or anyone that can help out, the RMMBA (Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball Association) is also taking donations towards house cleaning services, gift cards to local restaurants that deliver, grocery store gift cards, etc. You can send them to:

Attn. Siusan Kenney

John Kenney Real Estate Team

Keller Williams Elite Realty

11728 232B St

Maple Ridge, BC

Canada V2X 7Z2

Please email me at if you have any questions or would like to help us show Landry what an amazing superhero and rockstar he really is!

Thank-you for all your compassion;

Melissa Nisbet

Special Events Coordinator

RMMBA (Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball Association) Executive

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