Food Service


Breakfast Service: 7:15am-7:50am

Breakfast Cost: $1.10 (Additional Breakfast Cost: $2.40)

Reduced Breakfast Cost: $0.30

Adult Breakfast Cost: $2.40


Lunch Service: Check Bell Schedule for times

Lunch Cost: $2.50 (Additional Lunch Cost: $5.50)

Reduced Lunch Cost: $0.40

Adult Lunch Cost: $5.50

Stevenson Middle School Meal Tracker Policy

Deposits are cash only.

Deposits must be made at least one day before it is needed in the account.

Low balance reminders are sent when balances reach an equivalent of one-week’s worth of lunch, and are given to your child when they purchase a meal.

Loans will not be issued. Recommended Deposit: One Month of Lunch

Students are responsible for presenting their IDs to purchase meals.

If a student forgets to bring their ID, we allow 3 temporary IDs for the school year.

Parents will receive a phone call from their child before receiving their last temporary ID.

Parents may call the school to inquire about balances throughout the school year

Phone: 587-4520.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday; 7:30-4:00

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.