Level Up!

Teachers are required to differentiate daily lessons for students, but too often scheduled professional development does not provide for individual learning experiences for the adults. The Red Lion Area School District is pleased to announce the introduction of personalized professional learning through a new badging program called Level Up!

Badging is a concept similar to the traditional Boy and Girl Scout programs where colorful badges are earned by completing tasks and activities. The Level Up! program will allow teachers to work toward a variety of self-selected badges by completing the associated requirements at any time, place, and pace. These badges can be proudly displayed in a classroom and/or on computer signature lines with accompanying digital badges to bolster professional resumes and initiate conversations with colleagues.

Our overall goal for Level Up! is to have our teachers develop and enhance their craft by trying new things without the fear of risk. This kind of professional development ultimately leads to higher student achievement in the classroom. The idea simply being for teachers to be motivated, recognized and inspired for pursing their own professional growth. Real Learning for Real Life never ends. Explore the badges available and Level Up!