Cat's Paw


Red Lion Area Junior High's Digital Literary Magazine

How to submit your pieces...

  1. Use the QR codes on the papers in your teachers' rooms for digital submission.
  2. Drop off hard/paper copies of your pieces in the folder at Ms. Zerfoss's room (Room B212)
  3. Use the website to directly submit into the folders that WE check. Go to the Submit page to access these folders.

Cat's Paw Home Artwork by Caitlin Borromeo (Team 7B)

Have a great summer!


The Cat’s Paw is a digital literary magazine that showcases student writing, photography, and art. Formerly the school newspaper of the Red Lion Area Junior High School, the Cat’s Paw is now a place where student staff gather and select original submissions of student writing and artwork to feature on a student-created and student-managed website. Students are divided into four staff teams—writing, photo, art, and web—and the teams curate and evaluate work submitted by the student body. Students collaborate to choose the best pieces to post on a website, created and managed by the staff and advisor, on a monthly basis.

The club is advised by Miss Zerfoss, an 8th grade writing teacher on team 8I. She is a second-year teacher at the district.