Multi-Media Class Videos

Semester 2 Productions

Final Projects

Senior Spotlights - SW

Sarah and Alexis' Senior Spotlight.m4v

Greta's Final Video

Greta's Final Video.m4v

Ava's Final Video

Ava's final project.m4v

Madelyn's Final Video

Final Video- MY.m4v

Gage's Final Video

Gage's Final Project.m4v

Allie's Final Video

Final Project AJ.m4v

Nadia's Final Video

Nadia's Final.m4v

Drake & Katelynn Final Video

DP KD - Final Video .m4v

Eagle Eye and Special Reports - 4th Quarter

Eagle Eye News: May 23 - May 31

Eagle Eye News May 23-May 31.m4v

Eagle Eye News: May 16- May 22

Eagle Eye News May 16- May 22.m4v

Eagle Eye News: May 9 - May 15

Eagle Eye News May 9 - May 15.m4v

Eagle Eye News: May 2 - May 8

Eagle Eye News May 2- May 8.m4v

Eagle Eye News: April 25 - May 1

Eagle Eye News April 25-May 1.m4v

Eagle Eye News: April 18 - April 24

Eagle Eye News April 18-24.m4v

Eagle Eye News: April 11 - April 17

Eagle Eyes news April 11-15.m4v

Eagle Eye News: April 4 - April 10

Eagle Eye News Apr 4-8.m4v

Eagle Eye News: March 28 - April 3

Eagle Eye New March 28-April 1.m4v

Spring Fling: March 28 - April 1

Spring Fling Fashion Show.m4v

Spring Poem/Song Projects

Spring is Here - SW

Spring is Here - SW.m4v

Spring - GP

Spring (GP).m4v

And Now It's Spring - KD DP

And Now Its's Spring - KD DP.m4v

Daisy Time - AJ

Daisy Time AJ.m4v

Showery Time -ND

Showery Time -ND.m4v

The Rain-AA

The Rain AA.m4v

Original - MY

Original Poem- MY.m4v

To The Thawing Wind - GR

To The Thawing Wind.m4v

Commercial/PSA/Easter Projects

Crocs Commercial - SW

Crocs Commerical - SW.m4v

Pencils Commercial - AA

The Pencil - AA.m4v

Easter Special - KD, GP, ND

Easter Special - KD ND GP.m4v

Jergens Commercial - DP

Jergens Ad- DP.m4v

Hershey's Commercial - MY

Hershey comercial MY.m4v

Prom PSA - AJA

Allie's Commerials.m4v

Passion Project Videos

Gage's Passion

Gaming GR.m4v

Greta's Passion

Greta's Passion About Painting.m4v

Sarah's Passion

Sarah's Passion Prject.m4v

Katelynn's Passion

Katelynn's Passion.m4v

Allie's Passion

Cats AJ.m4v

Ava's Passion

Crystals AA.m4v

Nadia's Passion

Nadia's Passion .m4v

Madelyn Passion

Passion Project MY.m4v

Vacation Destination Videos

Missoula, MT - KD

Missoula, MT KD.m4v

Amsterdam Netherlands- MY

Amsterdam MY.m4v

Wisconsin Dells, WI - ND

Wisconsin Dells,WI -ND.m4v

Cancun, Mexico - DP

Cancun, Mexico - DP.m4v

Branson, MO - SW

Branson, MO - SW.m4v

Kauai, HI - GP

Kauai, Hawaii GP 1.m4v

Medora, ND - AA


How To Videos

How to Griddy - ND

How to do griddy - Nadia.m4v

How To Do The Floss - GR

How To Do The Floss GR .m4v

How to Make Chicken with Asian Sauce - MY

How to make Chicken with Asian Sauce.m4v

How to Wrap Yourself in Newspaper - DP

Drake's How To Video.MOV

How To Make a Paper Airplane - AA

How to make a paper air plane AA.m4v

How to Make Some Feel Better - GP

How to make someone feel better GP.m4v

How to Pack for a Trip - SW

Sarah's How to Video.m4v

How to Tie Your Shoes - KD

How to Tie Your Shoes KD.m4v

Eagle Eye News Broadcasts - 3rd Quarter

Eagle Eye News: March 14-20

Eagle Eye News 14-20.m4v

Eagle Eye News: March 7-13

Eagle News March 7-13.m4v

Eagle Eye News: February 28 - March 6

Eagle Eye News Feb28- March 6.m4v

Eagle Eye News: February 21-27

Eagle Eye News Feb 21-27.m4v

Eagle Eye News: February 14 - 20

Eagle Eye News Feb 14-20.m4v

Eagle Eye News: February 7 - 13

Eagle Eye News January 7-13.m4v

Eagle Eye News: January 31-February 6

Eagle Eye News Jan 31-Feb 6.m4v

Meet the 3rd Quarter Reporters

Intro 3rd quarter 2022.m4v

Semester 1

Family Christmas Traditions

Swedish Christmas AA

Swedish Christmas-AA 1.m4v

Irish Christmas RM

Irish Christmas Traditions RM.m4v

Russian Christmas ND

Russian Christmas 2021 ND.m4v

Eagle Eye News

Eagle Eye News: January 17-23, 2022

Eagle Eye News Jan 17-23, 22.m4v

Eagle Eye News:

January 10-16, 2022

Eagle Eye News January 10-16,22.m4v

Eagle Eye News: December 20-31,2021

Eagle Eye News Dec 20-31.m4v

Eagle Eye News:
December 13-18, 2021

Eagle Eye News Dec13-19,2021.m4v

Eagle Eye News: December 6-12, 2021

Eagle Eye News Dec 6-12.m4v

Eagle Eye News:
November 20-28,2021

Eagle Eye News Nov. 20-28,21.m4v

Eagle Eye News:
November 9-14,2021

Eagle Eye News Nov 9-14,2021.m4v

Eagle Eye News:
November 1-8,2021

Eagle Eye News Nov 1-8.m4v

Eagle Eye News:
October 25-31,2021

Eagle Eye News Oct 25-31, 2021.m4v

Eagle Eye News: Homecoming Edition Sept. 24, 2021

Eagle News Homecoming Days.m4v

Eagle Eye News:
October 4-10,2021

Eagle News Oct 4-10.m4v

Eagle Eye News:
October 11-16,2021

Eagle News Oct 11-16.m4v

Eagle Eye News:
October 18-24,2021

Eagle Eye News Oct 18-24.m4v

Thirty Second Commercials

Spooky Duck Friends - ND

Spooky Duck Friend ND.m4v

Vons Shoes - AA

Vons AA.m4v

Zuzu Pets - RM

Toy Fair ZuZu pets RM.m4v