Multi-Media Class Videos

Semester 2

Eagle Eye News Special Reports




My Movie



Final Project - Mariah.m4v


Keaton's Eagle News Special Report.m4v


Dw Final Project.m4v

How-To Videos: Part II

How to Tape a Stick -- SB

How To Video SB.MOV

How to Make Rice Krispie Bars -- KH

Keaton's how To video.m4v

How to Tie a Shoelace -- LB

Lana's How To.m4v

How to Braid Your Hair -- MH

How to Braid Hair.m4v

How to air a tire -- DW

DW how to.m4v

How to Drive in Golf -- MP

How to Drive a Golf Ball.MOV

Persuasive Spotlight on Class/Club/Activity

Spotlight on Basketball

Persuasive Video Project (Apr 16, 2021 at 10:59 AM).MOV

Spotlight on Hockey

Persuasive Video Project (Apr 19, 2021 at 1:21 PM).MOV

Spotlight on Multi-Media Club

Dw Spotlight.m4v

Spotlight on Choir

Keaton's class spotlight.m4v

Spotlight on Just for Kix Dance

Lana Persuasive Club Project.m4v

Spotlight on Speech

Mariah's Club Feature.m4v

Eagle News Reports

Eagle News April 5-11, 2021

Eagle Eye April 5-11th.m4v

Eagles News April 12-18, 2021

Eagle Eye April 12-18th.m4v

Eagle News April19-25, 2021

Eagle Eye 19th-25th.m4v

Eagle News April 26-May 1, 2021

Eagle Eye April 26- May 1.m4v

Eagle News May 3-9, 2021

Eagle News May 3-9 2021.m4v

Eagle News May 10-16, 2021

Eagle Eye News May 10-16.m4v

Spotlight on Easter

Easter Interviews by Ginja Ninja

Mariah - Easter Traditions Interview.m4v

An Easter Interview by Shawty McGriddle

easter .mov

How to Boil and Color Eggs by Shawty McChicken

Shelby's Easter Project 1.m4v

How to Make Buns for Easter by Keatdawg

Keaton's easter project 2.m4v

Kids Easter Project with Shawty McFlurry

easter kayla.m4v

Eagle Eye News 3/15-3/20

Eagle Eye Week 15 to 20th.m4v

Eagle Eye News March 22nd- 26th

Eagle Eye Week 22nd to 26th.m4v

March 29 - April 5, 2021

Eagle Eye News March 29th to April 5th.m4v

Eagle Eye Reporter Introductions-4th Qtr

Introductions SKL.m4v

Eagle Eye News 22nd- 27th

Eagle Eye News Feb 22 to 27.m4v

Eagle Eye News

March 1st - 5th

Eagle Eye News March 1 to 6.m4v

Eagle Eye News March 8th-13th

Eagle Eye News March 8 to 13.m4v

Eagle Eye mar 15 - 20

Eagle Eye Week 15 to 20th.m4v

Eagle Eye News 8th-12th

Eagle eye 8-12.m4v

Keatdawg's Intro

Keaton's Introduction.m4v

Ginja Ninja Intro

Mariah's Introduction.m4v

Eagle Eye News 15th - 19th

Eagle eye 15-19.m4v

Semester 1

30-Second Commercials

Origami Snowball -- GR

Gages Commercial.m4v

Airpods -- MH

Madi Commercial - AirPods.m4v

LeBron Jordans-- DW

Lebron Jordans Ad.m4v

Eagle Eye News January 25-31, 2021

25th-31st eagle news.m4v

Eagle Eye News January 18-23, 2021

Eagle Eye News - January 18-24.m4v

Eagle Eye News January 11-16, 2021

Eagle Eye News 11-17th.m4v

Christmas Around the World Spotlights

Sweden Christmas.m4v

Spotlight on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Spotlight Video GR and
Spotlight on Thanksgiving

Veterans Day Tributes 2020

Veteran's Day Poem GR.m4v
Veterens day Tribute.m4v

Eagle Eye News Nov. 16-27

New Project 13.m4v

Eagle Eye News Sept 19 - 26

Eagle Eye Sept 19-26.m4v

Eagle Eye News Sept 28 - Oct 4

Eagle Eye Sept 28 - Oct 4.m4v

Eagle Eye News Oct 5th - 15th

New Project 11.m4v

Homecoming Activities

Homecoming 2020.m4v
Eagle News October 19 - 25.m4v


Dj Sizzles and Dj lil Corndogs Intro

New Project 10.m4v

Maddog Intro

Maddog Intro.m4v

Multi-Media Productions

The Multi-Media class records weekly activities, lunches and birthdays and posts them here, labeled "Eagle Eye News". Eagle Eye Reports may include interviews of students and staff that are involved in current happenings around Lafayette High School. Students are occasionally assigned other video productions, such as Activity, Class, Senior and Sports Spotlights. Check the site often for links to these productions posted here or on YouTube Education. Please contact Mrs. Vatthauer if you have any concerns about past/current broadcasts or ideas for future projects.