Campbellford Memorial Hospital Fund (CMHF)

“Relax -- Campbellford Memorial Hospital is Ready to Care For You”

That is the message from cottagers Sally and Gord Wilkins of Ajax. They have enjoyed their cottage on the Trent River for many years, but on occasion, they’ve had reason to visit Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) Emergency Room (ER) and were grateful the hospital was close by. Gord is allergic to bee stings and carries an EPI pen. He’s been stung a couple of times resulting in an unexpected trip to the ER, while a broken ankle landed Sally there too.

“We love the hospital and we’ve always found the care wonderful and quick, and that is why we choose to donate to CMH. As caring cottagers, we know there are times emergent medical care is critical and we want to help ensure the medical staff at CMH have the tools they need to care for us and our neighbours.” Sally adds.

Dr. Eshay Elia, Chief of Emergency, notes “the ER sees significantly higher patient visits in the summer due to the influx of cottagers and tourists, meaning the hospital uses imaging and diagnostic technology more, beds and stretchers are in continual use. Knowing cottagers are caring donors, it’s a real boost to staff morale, because their donations ensure our doctors and nurses, that you depend on, have the right technology close at hand when you need it.”

Please join our Caring Cottagers by making a yearly donation. Contact our office for details on how you can help! 705-632-2014 or make a secure online donations at