RLCA Officers

Round Lake Cottagers’ Association (RLCA) Officers

Interim President: Jenna Oldham

Vice President: Kevin Pollock

Past President: Ann Johnston

Treasurer: Deb Boustead

Secretary: Beth Lockhart

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Tom Cushing, Deb Boustead, Jill Foley, Gary Horton, Beth Lockhart, Lawrence O’Donnell, Jenna Oldham, Kevin Pollock, Chris Sarellas, Peter Sarellas, Rosie Sarellas, Ryan Smith.


George Amorim, Garry Bambrough, Rob Dobranic, Laurie Harrison, Jane Kelley, Gary MacDonald, Orville McMann, Forbes Morris, Terry Mulholland, Fred Ouellette, Janet O’Hara, Claudio Piccolotto, Cecil Pickering, Ray Richardson and Ron Taylor

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RLCA By-Laws

Our by-laws read that members of the Association will be divided into two groups, “active members” and “associate members”.

We are aware that there are some people on the lake who do not own land but would like to become a member of the association. Associate Members shall not be entitled to vote on financial matters or anything that may affect the active members. We invite anyone wishing to become an Associate Member to contact the Association, membership@rlca.ca.