Ethos and Values

The Ethos and Values of Rudyard Kipling Primary School

Children come first at Rudyard Kipling. They are the heart and soul of our school. We want our children to be responsible, independent, enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals. We positively promote an environment where mutual respect and inclusion are the core values at Rudyard Kipling.

We aim to …

  • Create a caring, safe and calm environment in which effective learning can take place and there is mutual respect between all members of the school community.
  • Promote the development of children’s self-worth, identity and achievement.
  • Ensure we meet the needs of all children and families.
  • Develop in all children the ability to listen to and empathise with others and to appreciate and celebrate differences.
  • Effectively support our LGBT, non-binary and gender questioning children and families within Rudyard Kipling Primary School community.
  • Support children in becoming independent, self-disciplined and responsible lifelong learners who are able to make positive choices.

We show respect for each other by …

  • Being kind and gentle
  • Listening to others
  • Doing the right thing
  • Being honest
  • Looking after things inside and out

We are proud to be members of the Rudyard Kipling community. The classes are named after Rudyard Kipling characters to reflect the sense of belonging.

‘Together we will help each other to achieve our best.’

What our Parents say:

"Extremely Proud of my child's progress".

Year 6 parent

"The teacher certainly has the measure of my son and she understands his quirky ways and encourages him in a positive way".

Year 4 parent

"My children are making really good progress. I am really happy".

Year R & 4 parent

"All round happy".

Year 1 & 2 parent