Reading has a very high profile at Rudyard Kipling Primary School. Our school library sits at the heart of our school, and our class reading areas reflect the high value we place on this aspect of our children’s education. We promote reading in all areas of our curriculum and give the children the time and space to enjoy a good book both inside and outside the classroom. Our children have positive attitudes towards reading and are able to talk about what they enjoy about reading and why it is important to them as learners. Our Reading Policy will give you more information about how this is achieved through our everyday practise at school.

Every Child a Reader

Rudyard Kipling Primary School is proud to be an Every Child a Reader School. We have a full time Reading Recovery teacher who works with children in Year 1 and 2 to ensure that all children make the expected progress in reading and writing. We also offer other short term, evidence based literacy interventions to ensure that all children become successful, confident and independent readers and writers

Reading Support Network

We have a team of fabulous reading volunteers who work with children across the school, from Reception to Year 6 to support them in their reading. They might help the youngest members of our school use their phonics to decode new words, or have conversations with our older children to develop inference and comprehension skills. We are always looking for new volunteers. Contact Mrs Tooke, via the office if you are interested.