Teachers: Miss J. Forsyth & Miss J. Moore

Teaching Assistants: Miss A. Farrow, Mrs N. Keeley, Mrs E. Frape (PM)

In Year one, we are learning all about where we live and our local area. We will be beginning to look at maps and think about where Brighton is in the UK. We will be going for walks in our local area and considering the different uses of the land around us.

We will be finding out what we would need to go on a journey and how the changes seasons would affect what we need to take with us.

For our stunning start, we visited 'Kipling Camp' and packed a bag with all the things we would need to go camping.

PE Days:

Keego: Monday and Wednesday

Dahinda: Monday and Friday

Take Home Task

Take Home Task Autumn.pdf

Topic Overview

Curriculum overview - Autumn Term 2019.pdf