Welcome to Mowgli and Baloo classes.

The Reception teachers are Miss Lovis (Baloo) and Miss Griffiths (Mowgli). Classroom teaching assistants are Mrs Jones and Mrs Keeley.

Our new topic is ‘We all go travelling by’. We will be starting our learning journey with an exciting imaginative bus trip, then finding out about why, where and how we travel around our local area and beyond. We will be using new vocabulary to learn fun stories and songs and becoming model makers, creating different types of vehicles. In maths we will be learning to use positional language, ordering numbers to 20 and using addition and subtraction to begin to solve problems.

We will also be learning about the changes in season from winter to spring and finding out about different spring celebrations such as Chinese New Year and Easter.

In Reception we will be learning letters and sounds to become readers and writers- some websites that can be used at home to support this are below:

We will be embarking on a 'Maths Mission' - Counting to 20 and back, saying 1 more and 1 less than a number to 20 and adding two single digit numbers quickly. At home children could practise lots of counting on and counting back, and learn number bonds to 10. The websites below have some games to support this:

PE Days

Baloo - Monday

Mowgli - Friday