Googlefy Your Life & Technoface Your Business



Learn how to use Google G Suite Tools to get out of busy-ness and overwhelm, and actually feel organized. Hundreds of people have taken this class live, and now you can take it online and implement it in your world, so you can stop feeling disorganized. Feel focused. Finally be on top of all your tasks instead of feeling like you are falling behind. With the Google tools you will master in this course, you will learn to save at least 60 minutes every day by doing your daily tasks faster. What’s an hour of your time worth? What could you do with an extra hour every day? Sleep? Go to the gym? Talk to your family? In the classroom or online webinar, this course is a life changer.

Who should take it:

Moms. Dads. People trying to figure out adulting. Real estate investors. Realtors at any company anywhere. Anyone in direct sales. Mortgage industry folks. Insurance peeps. Assistants to unorganized people. Executive Admins to people who want to be organized someday. Director of Operations, Director of Sales. Market Center Administrators. Agent Services Coordinators. Real estate investors. And yes... you. You should take this class.

In your personal life, you can improve your family’s communication, save money as a family, spend less time running around by using your family calendars and tasks lists better, spend less time looking for stuff you wrote down somewhere, like on a receipt or the back of an envelope... yes, I saw you do that. Simplify your life using Google tools: GOOGLEFY.

If you have a job where you work with a thousand things to do in a day, if you would love to streamline your paperwork and systems, remember upcoming appointments and to follow up with meetings you had, if you would really love it if someone would show you how to save time throughout the work day, then sign up. Use tech tools to get more busy-work done at the office so you can spend more face-to-face time with family and clients. I call that TECHNOFACING.


12 videos on how to simplify your personal life and save time working, which you can start watching anytime. Re-play the videos to implement what you learned. The topics can be watched in any order. Usually the class is $297. Right now through the end of August you can get the entire 12 video series for $120, just $10 per episode. You can choose to watch one online class each week, or pick a day and binge-watch the series. You can watch the class again in case you missed something. The videos are hosted through YouTube so you can start, stop, rewind and fast forward as you wish.

Money back guarantee- I guarantee that if you apply what you learn in this class, you'll save time everyday. If you don't learn how to save time every day, you'll get your money back.



  • Your Contacts: Sync your phone with Google Contacts and create groups to quickly contact who you need to. Set up Google tool apps on your phone to have all the newly organized pieces of your life at your fingertips!
  • Your Calendar: Easy ways to keep track of schedules and assign tasks to family members. Be able to see when things are done, so you don’t have to ask, “Did you do what I asked you to do?” How to share a list with someone.
  • Your Notes, Lists, & Recipes: Google Keep, Drive, and Tasks for writing notes, grocery lists, and recipes. Always know where to find them- never spend time looking for that scrap of paper again! Keep a journal using Google Forms to Evernote or GTasks to Evernote or both.
  • Your Emails: Easy ways to contact groups for your committee at school/church/work- and not forget to include anyone. How to set up recurring emails with Boomerang, email banners, and free video email with cloudHQ extension. Keyboard shortcuts and other email secrets to save 6 seconds 10 times a day, 365 minutes a year, which is 6 hours a year.
  • Get Rid of Paper: Sick of stacks of paper? How to use Docs, Folders, Forms, Sheets to keep everything you need for taxes to school forms to you-name-it!
  • No Hassle Paperwork: Save time filling out forms by using Dochub.
  • Your Family Finances: Google Sheets to make a family lifestyle budget. Labels and systems for Bills, Receipts, and Taxes. A budget model that will work for you!
  • Focus on Your Family: Vision Board for all family members in Drawing, email filter for meeting topics, Tasks or Keep for meetings with teachers, spouse, kids.
  • Fit It All In: Learn time blocking techniques using your new Google tools knowledge to get your most important stuff done first and still find time for the rest.
  • Special Occasions: Ways to send birthday invitations or greetings using video emails from yourself or your kids, and send postcards without hand addressing and taking them to the post office. System for getting dates to remember in your calendar so no one’s special day is forgotten.
  • Hiring a Personal Assistant: Setting up a hiring page for candidates, filters to organize resumes, and setting her/him up with a task list and calendar.
  • Your Investments: Using Google Tools for investing in real estate.


  • Get More Customers: Get clients coming to you through Google Adwords website tools and YouTube. Use Google Voice for sign calls and website leads and Google Keep for writing notes. Learn about how Google determines who gets on Page 1 of the Google search engine.
  • Marketing Made Simple: Set up your email with your own domain name and user names for your team. Aliases. Choosing email names for admin and marketing. Emails to the database. Recurring emails. Email banners. Free video email with cloudHQ extension. Keyboard shortcuts and other email secrets to save 6 seconds 10 times a day, 365 minutes a year, which is 6 hours a year.
  • Connect with Your Leads: Learn about how to send newsletters to specific groups of Google Contacts and how to create a "36 Touch" using Google Calendar and Contacts. If you're the name being seen more than others, you're more likely to be the one contacted when your service is needed!
  • Organizing Your Leads: Management of your potential clients list through Tasks or Contacts or Sheets. The “Pipeline” tool and how GTasks and Google Contacts and Sheets work together via Zapier to keep your Pipeline tool updated. Using the AddOns in Sheets, like sorting by cell color or finding duplicates to keep things neat and tidy and easy to utilize!
  • Managing Your Time: Learn time blocking and tools for sticking to your calendar, such as Inbox Pauser to stay focused on your One Thing, and Sheets for your 411. Secrets of Google Calendar for time blocking.
  • Get Rid of Paper: No more paper files! Use Docs, Folders, Forms, Sheets and AddOns. It is so simple for you, your team and your clients- you’ll never go back!
  • Creating Forms: How to create the forms you need that can be filled out online and easily turned into a PDF for you to save, use, and send quicker than I can say "quick", improving client and worker communication and satisfaction all around!
  • Time Savers: It may be jibberish now, but these tools will change your business and save you tons of time! Google Contacts and Dotloop, Dotloop Task Template and your Google Calendar, connecting forms to Dotloop. Google Forms AddOn to send updates and notifications, keeping your customers informed and happy!
  • Communicating with Clients: Keeping all customer forms easy to find and easy to fill out. Saving time on your email responses to customers.
  • Hiring and Training: Creating a hiring page for candidates, using filters to organize resumes, Dochub for KPAs, and Drive for your operations manual.
  • Training and Coaching Your Team: Vision Board for all team members in Drawing, email filter for meeting topics, Tasks for meetings, Hangouts for culture and question answering, GTasks app, sharing meeting notes with Docs, setting each team member up with a task list and calendar, and more!
  • Business Planning and Sales Tracking: Google Sheets that make sense and easy processes for keeping on top of bills, saving receipts, and preparing taxes. A budget model that can work for you!
  • For investing in real estate:
        • Gmail labels to find emails for each property. Gmail filters to send incoming mail from someone to a "Label"
        • Drive folders for each property's closing docs, applications, papers, photos of property
        • Google Sites to create free webpages for a business or property you are selling or leasing
        • Using Google Forms for taking rental applications
        • Google Meet to have "face to face" video meetings with renters, or subcontractors to talk about a property
        • Google Keep for checklists of what needs to be done at each property
        • Google Docs for taking notes at investor seminars and meetups
        • Google Sheets to determine if a property is a good buy or not, to look at your entire portfolio of properties on one Sheet to see which ones are performing better than others, and a budget for your personal life and business expenses
        • Google Contacts to keep track of all the people in your network - sync it with your phone
        • Using Dochub to fill out forms for taxes
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What attendees said about Heidi Fore's Google class at a 2018 convention in California:

“The most exciting course I took at Family Reunion. My wife has been complaining about my paper cluttering every car, every room and etc. for over 33 years.”

- Larry A., realtor

“Thank you so much for teaching the Google class. That class was a game changer for me. I'm so grateful that I got a chance to attend.”

-Sofia S., realtor

“AWESOME class. Thank you again for an amazing class - my #1 goal is to be more efficient and I feel like this class was a huge step in that direction - once I can master it all!”

-Julie C., realtor

“Your presentation... was mind blowing! You are a class act, Heidi!”

-Jason H., realtor

“Thanks for your mind-blowing class! There is so much that we can do with free Google tools that I didn't know about, even being pretty tech savvy.”

-Kyle M., realtor

And more feedback from Heidi Fore's Google Tools class attendees...

  • "The most helpful classes I’ve ever attended. Blow my mind information that will change my life and business. Thank you for sharing and being awesome!!!"
  • "Awesome presentation that will save my team hours. "
  • "Seems like she may have created Google she knew so much."
  • "Best instructor. I had no idea any of this content existed. She just gave me back my time! She was very knowledgeable and answered every question with such ease."
  • "Heidi was extremely knowledgeable about Google and what it offers. One of the best sessions I went to!"
  • "Great and informative."
  • "Amazing!!! I wish the class was all day!"
  • "Super fast, lots of great information!"
  • "Best breakout so far!"
  • "Great instructor."
  • "Excellent."
  • "Awesome. Awesome. Awesome."
  • "Wow! BEST CLASS."
  • "Very knowledgeable, energetic, and informative."
  • "Best session of the Reunion."
  • "Extremely knowledgeable in regards to content."
  • "She did an amazing job!"
  • "Great presentation and knowledge of this to help streamline things and cut down on wasted time."
  • "Amazing!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "She’s awesome!"
  • "Heidi was phenomenal- she set expectations in the beginning that she was going to go thru the material FAST and fast she went with AMAZING content."
  • "Lots of very useful information!!!!"
  • "It's great that she uses all them."
  • "Awesome!!!"
  • "Very knowledgeable!! Tons of content. Session could be 2 separate ones."
  • "Went super fast but covered an incredible amount of information."
  • "Very engaging, holds your attention and demonstrates a total grasp of the material."
  • "Fabulous! Great energy and detail of explanation."
  • "Amazing energy and loads of content. Red Bull should sponsor this girl."
  • "She was awesome! Clear, concise and super informative!"
  • "LOVED IT!!! I know I missed something! So I would definitely attend again."
  • "Heidi is an incredible teacher … more people need to learn this stuff!"
  • "Great info!!!!!"
  • "Very good training."
  • "Heidi did a great job at presenting the information."
  • "Awesome. The room was overflowing, and for good reason."
  • "Awesome!!"
  • "Great presenter!"
  • "Wow she is incredible!!"
  • "10+"
  • "The best session so far!"
  • "This was a great class, thank you!"
  • "Heidi was the best."
  • "Excellent presentation."
  • "Amazing - organized, concise, good energy."
  • "Excellent. She went fast but we can get all her templates, etc."
  • "Clear instructions, very informative."
  • "Super knowledgeable and a great presenter. The info she provided is a game changer."
  • "New ideas with Google."
  • "Absolutely amazing, right on point."
  • "Fantastic!"
  • "Best breakout I’ve been to yet!"
  • "High energy and very giving."
  • "Great, valuable information!"
  • "Extremely helpful, pertinent, and presented a lot in such efficient manner. Appreciated this session."
  • "Heidi is AMAZING! Her presentation touched on several items I'm currently working to set up. And, OMG, she shared all her forms, tools and spreadsheets! SCORE!!!"

TAUGHT BY THE GOOGLE NINJA HEIDI FORE - Heidi Fore’s Breakout Session at KW Family Reunion on this topic was standing room only. Heidi has been a real estate agent for 15 years, since 2002, and built a 7th level team using the strategies she learned through MAPS Coaching, MREA, Shift, ESO, FSO, The One Thing, BOLD, and RSTLM. Heidi Fore's team sticks to the KW models, systems and structure. Heidi Fore's real estate team, The River Valley Group, sells houses in several states in the USA , and Jamaica. By following the systems, Heidi's team had their best year ever in 2017.

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Heidi's designations and titles:


National Association of Realtors Young Professionals Network chairperson and speaker

Kentucky Association of Realtors continuing education instructor

Certified Residential Specialist, CRS designation

Trainer with Graduate Realtor Institute, GRI designation, GRI 600 Instructor

Keller Williams Global Property Specialist

Keller Williams Realty Platinum Award winner

Keller Williams Family Reunion Breakout Session presenter

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