All Ages Makers

Thursday, March 8 , 2018 6:pm-7:30pm.

The 2nd Annual Maker event is coming to Riverton School!

Join us on March 8, 6:30PM-8PM

for an evening of learning, exploring, and making for all ages!

"All Ages Makers" is NJ Makers Day, Riverton School edition! This special evening will have Maker activities specially selected for students Pre-K - Grade 8, and their families. All students must be accompanied by an adult.

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Volunteers, sponsors, and demonstrators are needed!

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“Making has people creating and innovating by returning to the workshop and creating with their hands. Makers are assembling robots, programming computers and tinkering with everything from computer code to furniture. They’re doing this in a social and engaging environment that’s highly motivating and encourages learning through doing.”

Source: Science Center of Iowa, 2014

What is NJ Makers Day?

Makers from across New Jersey participate in NJ Makers Day to celebrate and share maker culture. Commercial and public makerspaces host a wide variety of events and presenters, while other locations -- such as select public libraries -- also host makerspaces for the day(s). In each location, NJ Makers Day attracts entrepreneurs, small business owners and young professionals, as well as children, teens and parents from across the state to share their enthusiasm for and interest in the culture of making and creating.

The ultimate goal of NJ Makers Day is to enhance community engagement and develop connections among New Jersey residents by collaborating with libraries, museums, schools, colleges/universities, small businesses and others to promote and explore new opportunities for entrepreneurship, innovation and hands-on learning experiences.

Source:, 2017