Riverside STEM Academy PRIMETime is an afterschool program that is available to 5th-8th graders at STEM. The program runs every school day from the release bell until 6:00 PM. Bussing is available for those who qualify. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis as spots become available; students do not start the program until they are formally accepted and contacted by the school.

Information & Resources

Coordinator:  Mr. Joshua Zonker

Phone: 951 - 788 - 7308 EX: 42603


PRIMETime Cell: 951 - 944 - 9605

General Schedule

Bus Pickup Times

Route A: North - 5:46 | Poly - 5:56 | Ramona - 6:07

Route B: Arlington - 6:02 | Owari/Middlefield - 6:21

*Busses may arrive earlier or later than expected. It may be a good idea to arrive 10 minutes or so early.