Fall 2021

Enrollment, Data Confirmation, and Registration


August 3

12th: 8am-11am

10th: 1pm-4pm

August 4

9th: 8am-11am

11th: 1pm-4pm

Timeline of 2021-2022 Opening Events

June - August 2021 Enrollment - SOME students, by appointment (ongoing)

August 3- 4, 2021 Registration - ALL students, scheduled by 2021-2022 grade level

August 6, 2021 Freshman First Day, 8am- noon

August 9, 2021 All Students - First Day Fall Semester Classes, 8am

September 15, 2021 Parent Conferences, 11:30am- 1:30pm and 3pm- 6pm

Enrollment is only for NEW-to-RUSD, new to AHS attendance area, or those with newly approved transfers.

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Data Confirmation is required for ALL students. Printed/ signed Emergency Card is required for Registration.

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Registration is required for ALL students. Data Confirmation must be completed prior to scheduled day/time.

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