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The site of Shipbrook Hill Farm, Whatcroft is of significant historical importance as it was the home of William de Vernon who arrived in England at the time of the Norman conquest and was granted lands in the County Palatine of Chester under the patronage of Hugh d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester. His son Richard was created a medieval Baron and settled at Shipbrook, near Northwich, Cheshire. Richard de Vernon married Adzelia, the daughter of William Peverel, who was rumoured to be an illegitimate son of William the Conqueror.

Warine Vernon, elder son of the 4th Baron, had no male heir and his extensive estate was divided between his daughters and his brother Ralph, Rector of Hanwell. Ralph's son, also Ralph b 1241, was reputed to have lived so long he earned the soubriquet The Old Liver. His heir was Sir Richard, son of his second marriage to Matilda Grosvenor of Kinderton, Cheshire. The Barony expired when his grandson Sir Richard, was captured after the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403 and executed for treason.

The remains of the castle were deemed to have been cleared away under the direction of Mr. Edward Tomkinson Three stone lintels of ogee-headed windows with carved heads above lying in the garden of the farmhouse are the only trace of antiquity in the vicinity.

Riverside Organic is a family run farm, wholesalers, farm shop, and cafe in Whatcroft, Cheshire. We were founded in 1966, and since then have grown and grown. We now cater for local residents, provide wholesale goods to customers around the country, and deliver fresh fruit and veg to front doors just like yours.

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Our cafe is open from 9.30 and closes an hour before the shop. Click here to see our menu.