Strays or Abandoned FAQ

When you see an abandoned dog or cat or cat litters, Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter recommends that you contact Crawford County Sheriff's Department at 608.326.8414. Law enforcement or animal control officers will notify and provide transport to the appropriate shelter. You can also call Crawford Area Shelter for Animals at (608) 648-2461. Click here to view a list of local humane societies.


Q: I just found an abandoned litter of kittens! What should I do?

A: Mother cats often leave their litters unattended for many hours at a time. They may be out looking for food or in the process of finding/relocating to a new location for her litter.

It is best to leave the kittens unattended and allow the mother to return to her litter. If you notice the kittens have been left to the elements, try to shade or shelter them with a portable item such as a cardboard box. Never move, touch, or disturb the kittens.

Many mothers return to their litters overnight during our sleeping hours. However, if you are certain that the kittens have been left unattended for more than a 24 hour period you may want to contact your local animal control agency about the next steps for relinquishment.

If you wish to keep the litter and foster/bottle feed them, Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter staff are available with plenty of helpful advice. Contact us at 608.380.1559