The Riverdale Review

Issue 2: June 4, 2021

Publisher’s Note

Welcome to the second issue of The Riverdale Review produced by Mr. McLain’s Current History Publications class. As a class, we hope to continue to provide the community with accurate and entertaining News pieces as well as creative writing pieces. The issue is broken up into Local news, National news, world news, and includes a creative writing section. In the sections, there are stories, updates, and announcements. For the final issue, we are inviting all students to submit some form of work so we can have a publication that represents the entirety of this school.

I hope you enjoy our second issue.

Jolynn Tripi

COVID-19 Weekly Update

May 28, 2021

By Sadie Meeker-Klingele


Since things have started to open back up, there has been an increase in new daily cases. There are now 200,219 confirmed cases in Oregon. There has also been a small spike in daily fatalities during the first two weeks of May. The total number of deaths now is 2,679. So far, roughly 3.9 million Oregonians have been vaccinated or are in the middle of being vaccinated. Though new cases pop up everyday, the number is still considerably low.


Since mid-January, the number of daily cases has decreased quite dramatically. The total number of confirmed cases is now around 33.4 million. However, about 82% of those cases have recovered and 2% of cases were fatal. As of now, Vermont holds the title for least amount of cumulative cases, with a number of only about 24,000 cases and 255 deaths. Currently, about 289.2 million people have been vaccinated in the United States, which is roughly 83% of the US population. Hopefully this number will rise.


The number of COVID cases worldwide is now at 169 million with around 3.5 million fatalities. Right now, all of the heat is on India and its COVID crisis. On May 6, the number of daily cases was at an all time high of 414,188 and the total number of cumulative cases is at 27.7 million with around 322,000 deaths. On a positive note, a rough 87% have recovered. Worldwide, approximately 1.8 billion people have been vaccinated. With 12-15 year-olds now eligible for the vaccine, it’s only a matter of time before everyone can get theirs.

Taken By Jolynn Tripi

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