October 9, 2018

Market Aspects

Riverbend Retail Consulting Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2

In this issue:

· FMI Research: “What’s for Dinner pt 2”

· Forbes Six trends from the frontier of Grocery Consumer Experience

· 5 Mega Trends in Foodservice in 2018

· Deloitte publishes its Commercial Real Estate Outlook for 2019

· RBRC reports help mitigate risk

The Power of Foodservice at Retail 2018 Part 2

The Food Marketing Institute in collaboration with the Trade Publication Shelby Reports and Hussman Corporation has produced the report “The Power of Foodservice at Retail 2018 Part 2” an extension of the FMI “What’s for dinner” study completed in the mid 80’s. Highlights of the report can be found here: Shelby Report FMI study

Six Trends From The Frontier Of Grocery Consumer Experiences

In a Forbes Magazine thought provoking article, Niki Baird looks at six industry trends related to how grocers are attempting to redefine the consumer shopping experience inside the store and stem the tide of disruption that has occurred with online shopping. The link to the full article is:

Forbes Consumer Experience

With grocery’s new interest in redefining their own customer experience strategy, I thought it would be worth taking a look at the “state of the art” when it comes to the grocery customer experience. I found six big trends, and yes, cashierless stores is on the list. ” -Niki Baird

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5 Mega trends in Food Service, according to JLL:

1. Dinnertainment: Food and Leisure partnerships

2. Clean Green: Sustainable and Healthy Eating

3. Food on Demand: Food anywhere and everywhere

4. Yourniverse: The desire by consumers to be seen and served as unique

5. Food for good: Society Matters

For a copy of the entire report click on this link:

JLL Food Mega trends

Agility is key to winning in the digital era

Deloitte has published their “Commercial Real Estate Outlook for 2019”

Available at the following Deloitte link:

CRE Outlook 2019

RBRC reports help mitigate risk.

Riverbend Retail Consulting’s recently released its Foresight market summary report, allowing clients to mitigate the risk of the expense of ordering a full trade area survey by requesting a preliminary market summary. The Foresight market summary provides preliminary trade area information and evaluates the feasibility of completing a full trade area survey for a fraction of the cost. To view typical sample RBRC reports click here

River Bend Retail Consulting (RBRC) is your one stop shop for all retail related market analysis geared towards today’s supermarket/c-store operations. RBRC’s decades of experience in the areas of market analysis, consumer research, feasibility studies, site design and strategic evaluations can help give your organization the edge in today’s ever changing retail landscape.

Market Aspects Vol 1 Issue 2

October 2018

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