Maya Ritter - Talent Agent 

Beginning at the early age of 10, Maya spent a decade in front of the camera as a principal actor.  Even at that age, she was intrigued by the magic of movie-making and regularly sat with crew to observe what it took to create a film.  

She knew early on that this industry was her true calling and decided to explore other avenues of it in her mid 20’s, which landed her the position of principal agent, side by side with her mother and founder of the agency, Teri Ritter.

She has a genuine love of the industry, and is deeply connected to the creative aspect of it.  Her goal is to create a symbiotic relationship between herself and her talent based on communication and trust. Her focus is to help carve out pathways for her actors and maintain a high performance mindset throughout the process.

Maya works with both union and non-union actors and is keenly interested in helping each actor set new metrics for their careers.