Risk management. Real Stuff that matters to you now.

Deciding to invest in risk management does not mean giving up being entrepreneurial.

Effective governance adds value, risk appetite statements empower senior management, and key risk indicators become information that can drive positive change.

Risk Shapes can help with all of this and more. The need for risk management is now.

We can help you solve problems, we would like to help you avoid them too.

Bringing you the information you need.

Simon Tweddle founded Risk Shapes because he believes that risk management should be about how a firm can achieve its business objectives within the boundaries that senior management set. We want to support clients to get this right. We specialise in the design and implementation of risk management frameworks that are commensurate with a firm’s complexity and ambition.

Feel free to contact Simon, st@riskshapes.com

We like to work with clients who want to achieve a distinction between risk management activity and risk management department, and those who need to ensure that any risk management response is proportionate to the business activities being undertaken, or the event that triggered it.

ST Financial Limited, trading as Risk Shapes

Registered address: Vaughan Chambers, Vaughan Rd, Harpenden AL5 4EE. Company Number: 0 9 9 0 7 7 5 2.