Start Everything with Bismillah!

Ms. Zahra Karim

2nd grade teacher

RISE Institute

About Me

Assalamu Alaikom, 

My name is Ms. Zahra Karim.   I am a mother to three hyper kids and have been a teacher to hundreds!  I am originally from Lebanon and currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.  I have a Bachelors Degree from UCLA and am currently working towards my Masters and credentials in Elementary Education.  

I have had the pleasure of teaching native speakers in the U.S. as well as non-native speakers in Bahrain, Dubai and Lebanon.  I have experience as a teacher, a homeroom coordinator and a daycare supervisor and feel that every experience was unique and valuable.  

I enjoy being outdoors with my children, learning new things and making wonderful memories.   I look forward to the upcoming school year InshAllah and learning all I can from your amazing children!  

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that children are born with an innate love for learning.  They are curious beings who love to explore and discover.   They are creators, builders, thinkers, authors, and artists. 

As teachers, I believe it is our job to guide students to become life-long learners who are self-motivated and pursue knowledge at every opportunity.  It is my responsibility to help raise children who are creative, independent, motivated, and curious; children who will grow to become leaders and controllers of their own education!   My experience has taught me that children don’t simply learn from books, they learn from the world around them! It is my honor to get to know all your little ones and teaching in the way they learn!