My natural habitat is located in the great outdoors of the Pacific NW, but I regularly new experiences through travel. In my free time I enjoy reading, drawing and exploration. I love sharing my passion for the Sciences and their many applications with my students.


B.S. SCIENCE (An Interdisciplinary Major), Portland State University


I see science as a way of thinking critically about what we think we know, math as a language to which we can use to translate and contrast portions of the vast world we live in, and the human perspective as a way to acknowledge our humble place in the universe. I believe our value does not come from acquiring knowledge, but the result of recognizing and reducing the infantile ignorance we are born with through the wisdom of experience gained by that very pursuit of appreciating what exists prior to our cognizance. Therefore I want to inspire and enable the next generation of youth to be problem solvers, innovators, scientific explorers, and ethically conscious leaders in STEAM fields. By breaking barriers and helping themselves and others to overcome circumstances that might otherwise prevent them from considering their potential will help them become part of the sustainable solutions society needs. All this takes- is awakening the curious child within us; the one that drives our curiosity and our passion to ask questions, find answers and dare to think differently.

Photo Credit: Susan Eslami, "Path"
Photo Credit: Susan Eslami, Title: "Mr. Salam the Salamander"