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I'm so glad you're here, alhamdulillah.

Ms. Mamdani's Class

About Me:

Salāmun ʿalaykum! My name is Fatema Mamdani, and I live in Carrollton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. I was born and grew up in the Dallas area, and have lived here for most of my life, but I have also lived a few years in Orlando, Florida; Luanda, Angola; and Karachi, Pakistan.

You will usually find me playing board games with my daughter or with my nose in a book. I also recently discovered a love of doing puzzles and gardening. (My favorite color is yellow, like the sunflowers I planted last summer.) I am always fascinated by nature, and I love photographing the awe-inspiring beauty, subhanAllah.

I believe students learn best when they are engaged and active in a supportive environment where every child will succeed and thrive. Respecting each individual child and their unique needs allows me to focus on their holistic well-being because a child's social and spiritual growth is just as important as their academic growth.

This year, I teach 3rd grade, and I am the elementary team lead. Last year, I taught 3rd and 4th grade at RISE Online. I also have experience with Kindergarten and 1st grade in public school and with 1st through 5th grade in an Islamic Montessori. My experience provides me with a unique perspective in creating an atmosphere of growth and learning, both in academics and in Islamic education. I have also developed and shared many activities online that combine my creativity and teaching expertise with my passion for Islamic education. These activities support parents and educators in creating an engaging environment to teach the next generation of Muslims.

I look forward to learning and growing, together – insha’Allah.


Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with Teacher Certification EC-4 -- University of Texas at Dallas


Florida Educator Certificate for Elementary Education K-6

Texas Educator Certificate for Early Childhood – 4th Grade Generalist