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My name is Madiha Siddiqui and I am a nature lover. My favorite color is Red. This will be my third year teaching at R.I.S.E. Academy and I’m truly grateful to be part of this diverse community. I will be teaching the Distance Learning Preschool Program this year. I am here to facilitate your child’s educational needs for their very important growth years, inshaAllah. We have a wonderful year planned with engaging activities. I treasure the different personalities of all my students. I plan to positively encourage them so they are able to build on their strengths. Remember, we are a team and together we can help each other in making this year a successful one, inshaAllah! I am very excited at this opportunity yet again. May Allah swt help us grow together and put lots of barakah in the upcoming year, Ameen!

With that said, I highly encourage your feedback throughout the course of the year. I request that you please contact me directly via email for any questions and/or concerns.


I value a play-based learning environment with an emergent curriculum that has intertwining elements of the Montessori for young learners. Driven primary through an experiential learning process using developmentally appropriate practices, my philosophy emerges from a firm belief in nurturing the whole child concept where activities are designed to facilitate growth in six main developmental domains. These primarily include self development in areas of spirituality, social emotional intelligence, creativity, cognitive, language, and physical development. I love to meet new people and am happy to learn about different cultures. I further strive for an inclusive, anti-bias, and welcome-all approach in everything I do.

Most importantly, I encourage parents to let children 'get messy' as they explore and join in on all the fun!