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Board of Trustees

Kristi Hamilton, Board Clerk

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Zone 2 - Vacant

Rebecca Andreasen, Board Chair

Ms. Andreasen represents Zone 4. E-mail Ms. Andreasen at:

Brigham Cook, Treasurer

Mr. Cook represents Zone 3. E-mail Mr. Cook at:

Nathan Johnson, Vice Chair

Mr. Johnson represents Zone 1. E-mail Mr. Johnson at:

Cody Kemp, Trustee

Mr. Kemp represents Zone 5. E-mail Mr. Kemp at:

Board Policy Manuals

Master Table of Contents

Section 1000 (Adopted: 9/10/15)

Section 2000 (Adopted: 12/10/15)

Section 3000 (Adopted : 5/12/16)

Section 4000 (Adopted: 7/14/16)

Section 5000 (Adopted :12/08/16)

Section 6000 (Adopted: 02/15/17)

Section 7000 (Adopted: 05/11/17)

Section 8000 (Adopted: 11/17/17)

Section 9000 (Adopted: 3/8/18)

Parents and Patrons,

The Board has diligently worked to update Board Policy the past few years. We finally have our policies updated. Although, as legislators change laws each year, it will initiate Board Policy changes to ensure we are following current Idaho Code.

Here is a list of policies which require annual parent and patron notification. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Superintendent.

Thanks for your support!!!

  1. 2425- parental rights
  2. 3280- equal education, nondiscrimination, and sex equity
  3. 3320- Substance and Alcohol Abuse
  4. 4160- Parent Right-to-Know Notices
  5. 5120- Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

Please contact the District office for Boundary and Zone maps.