School Board Information

Board Agendas

Board of Trustees

Kristi Hamilton, Board Clerk

Email Mrs. Hamilton at:

Jason Ferguson, Chairman

Mr. Ferguson represents Zone 3. E-mail Mr. Ferguson at:

Rebecca Andreasen, Vice Chairperson

Ms. Andreasen represents Zone 4. E-mail Ms. Andreasen at:

Brigham Cook

Mr. Cook represents Zone 2. E-mail Mr. Cook at:

Nathan Johnson, Trustee

Mr. Johnson represents Zone 1. E-mail Mr. Johnson at:

Cody Kemp, Trustee

Mr. Kemp represents Zone 5. E-mail Mr. Kemp at:

Board Policy Manuals

The Board of Trustees in in the process of updating District Policy with the help of the Idaho School Board Association. This process began July 2015 and will take about 24 months to complete. The updates will be posted as they are approved. Newly approved Board Policy will supersede old Board policy.

Master Table of Contents

Section 1000 (Adopted: 9/10/15)

Section 2000 (Adopted: 12/10/15)

Section 3000 (Adopted : 5/12/16)

Section 4000 (Adopted: 7/14/16)

Section 5000 (Adopted :12/08/16)

Section 6000 (Adopted: 02/15/17)

Section 7000 (Adopted: 05/11/17)

Section 8000 (Adopted: 11/17/17)

Section 9000 (Adopted: 3/8/18)

Board Policy (Old)

Please contact the District office for Boundary and Zone maps.

Strategic Plan

Continuous Improvement Plan, Strategic Plan; Ririe SD #252