As of September 1st, 2018, GBS of Idaho, our brokers, will be administering your “Buy-Down/MERP” program. Instead of

taking your claims to the district office you will now turn them in to GBS. We have also increased your deductible with Blue

Cross from $1,000 to $3,000. This has allowed the district to keep your deductible at $400. However, instead of Blue Cross

paying claims at 80% after $1,000 the School District is paying the 80% until you hit the Blue Cross deductible of $3,000

individual or $6,000 Family. After the deductible Blue Cross will pay at 80% up until the Out of Pocket of $1500 individual

and $3,000 Family is met.

What is the purpose of the Buy-Down Program?

The most important purpose of the plan is to provide medical deductible expense reimbursement to employees, and

dependents, in a way that allows the benefits to be excluded from gross income for federal and state income tax.

How do you join the plan?

If you are currently enrolled in medical benefits PPO Blue Cross plan you will automatically be enrolled.

How do I receive reimbursements from Buy-Down program for my deductible expenses?

Claims for benefits under the Ririe School District plan are based on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) you receive from

your insurance carrier after you or family members receive medical services. To receive reimbursements you will need to

make sure ALL of your Explanation of Benefits from Blue Cross are turned into GBS. Explanations of Benefits are mailed to

you after your medical provider submits claims to your insurance carrier. You can get reprints by going online to

www.bcidaho.com or calling 1-800-627-1188 on back of your health insurance card and request claims printouts


How do I submit a claim?

You can snail mail, email, or fax with the information provided below

GBS of Idaho

425 N Capital Suite B

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Fax: 1-866-244-4213

Email: cs@amerins-serv.com

How will benefits be paid to you?

You will be reimbursed by check after the claims are processed.

What happens if I do not submit my Explanation of Benefits from the health carrier?

If you do not submit your Explanation of Benefits to GBS your deductible will be $3,000 individual instead of a $400.

What is the cost of the Buy-Down Program?

There is no additional cost to participate in the Buy-Down Program. It is an added benefit your employer has provided to

keep your health plan deductible low. Retirees will have to pay the additional expense to participate.

Will all of my submitted health information be privacy protected?

Yes. Your Ririe School District HIPAA privacy officer will follow all privacy laws to insure your private health information is

protected. The administrator of the program is also in complete HIPAA compliance.

Can I view my Buydown claims online?

Yes if you follow the login instructions provided in the myrsc memo you can view claims in real time online.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes we have a mobile app that is available on Android and Apple. Please review the mobile app instructions.

What if my provider questions my $400 deductible?

Have your provider call GBS of Idaho at (208) 529-3541 to verify coverages.