Changes in Plans and Coverage

Changes from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019

Employees of Ririe Joint School District,

As all employees are aware by now, we have been exploring cost effective alternatives to our

medical insurance. We have assembled an insurance committee to assist us in this process, as well

as hire brokers. Our Brokers are GBS of Idaho, and they will be available moving forward with any

insurance questions or claims issues that may arise for you or any family member on the



After months of hard work and deliberation, there is a path forward. We will be modifying the

benefits slightly and in so, doing we have been able to keep the rates flat for employees on the

PPO. Included in this letter is a benefit summary describing the new benefits.

The most important message that we can put forth is that if you are on the PPO, you will need to

submit your Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s - the form you get back from Blue Cross after you go to

the doctor) to GBS of Idaho to be reimbursed on the buydown. Instructions to do so are included,

available online and in the district office. By doing so, you will have a $400 deductible.

Failure to submit your EOB’s will result in you and any family member on the plan having a $3,000

deductible. It is your responsibility to get your EOB’s in within one year of the date on the EOB.


The H.S.A. is going to change a bit as well. We are going to add preventative prescription drugs to

the H.S.A. plan. If any of your prescriptions are on the list provided, you will receive your

prescription at no out of pocket cost to you.

We appreciate all of the employees at Ririe School District and look forward to continuing to offer

a competitive benefit package to our employees.

Changes to ALL Plans:

Also after months of deliberation, the committee decided that it would be the best interest of the employees and the school district to discontinue the coverage of spouse's. This decision was based off of the employees with spouse coverage being able to enroll in federal subsidies to pay for spouse coverage if they were not covered under the school district policies. For questions directly relating to spouse coverage please contact: GBS of Idaho @ 208-529-3541.


The Insurance Committee, Ririe Education Association, and District Administration