Techie Stuff

For Padawans

I was going to say "techie stuff for dum###s", but don't want any copyright claims. :-) Still, friend often ask me advice on computery stuff. So here are some basic suggestions.


This is a common question. Especially after the fact. Backups are one the most important things you hope to never use. I'm all about choice; which often is based on circumstances. And that means one needs knowledge. So, here are few key concepts:

  • Redundant: Have multiple copies of the backups. This is often over looked until that backup drive dies after 10 years. And its referring to duplicate backups that are exactly the same, not varied on date. It could be making two backups to different locations each day. One could also do one location one day and another the next; that changes what you can restore. The locations could be one in the cloud, one external hard drive. They could be two external hard drives of different ages as well (different expected times that the drive will die).
  • Resilient: Another often over-looked influence. And I hate to be "morbid". But that backup drive on your desk won't do any good if the house burns down or a burglar takes all the electronics on your desk. Everyone can't afford or doesn't want a fire-proof safe (I don't). Offsite is good; whether it be the cloud again or at a friend's house. Even if you have a fire-proof safe, the cloud or a friend's place isn't a bad idea for another location.
  • Realistic: Be truthful for what you can do to make the backups. Don't say you'll do it manually every weekend when you know you won't. Find or pay for software or for someone to set it up for you.

More to come soon....