Boot From ISO


Here I am chronicling my efforts to boot from an ISO file on the hard drive of my Manjaro linux test laptop. I'm starting out with getting the Remix OS for PC ISO working.

This ain't working :-(

So I thought I was smart, and started to do instructions off the top of my head. Now I'm looking things up....

Something to do

  1. Put the files someplace "easy" to find and access. I put them into a /boot/iso directory.
  2. find the UUID of the partition where the directory is located (probably /dev/sda1) by looking with: sudo ls -hl /dev/disk/by-uuid/.
  3. sudo nano -w /etc/grub.d/40_custom
  4. enter in this line: set imgdevpath="/dev/disk/by-uuid/UUID_value".
  5. sudo update-grub


Side Note - changing ISO size

If one wants to use the ISO as a more then a "live environment", the ISO should probably have ample space. So I'm going to figure out how to increase the size of an ISO. As usual, I'm leaving extra information to hopefully make things a bit educational....

Check size

Use these commands and note the size of the ISO file:

  1. sudo parted /mnt/ISOs/live_image.iso.
  2. (in parted) print all.

[[NOTE: I didn't notice that hte partition size was 3MB, that isn't right!!!]]

Increase size

Now increase the file size by 8G: sudo dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=8000 >> ./live_image.iso.

Use the commands in "Check size" to see that the file is larger.

Increase partition size:

Saved links: