Techie Stuff

The pages here are my adventures in Tech. I'm a tech guy by profession, but this is (mostly) what I do at home and in my spare time.

You can see my coding on Github for personal stuff, and work stuff; I'm a bit embarrassed, I'm not a "real" programmer. Please be kind. :-)


I do wish Google would create an automatic sub-page control or something. For now, here is a "table of contents" and description:

  • Android Devices on Linux - ever want to access an Android phone or tablet on a linux machine? Check the link.
  • Boot from ISO - setup Manjaro to have boot menu show & boot to ISO files located on hard drive.
  • Dev Stuff - Random stuff I'm keeping track of for development work.
  • For Padawans - Some notes for the non-techie folks out there; hopefully it makes sense.
  • Forget Me Notes - So I don't have to tax my brain so much.
  • LFS Walkthrough - Not like I have a lot of spare time, but I'm doing the Linux From Scratch book.
  • Lightweight Linux - List of Linux distros I've tested on some older hardware.
  • Raspberry Pi - I got one (finally) for Christmas, so me playing with it.
  • Ubuntu as Router - I'm tired of crappy routers dying after a few years. So I bought a Shuttle DS67U and am in the process of setting it up as a home router.

Test Laptops

On these pages, I refer to my test laptops. They are mostly non-current computers that are subjected to random techie ideas. The sheet below lists the specs.

Test Laptops