Thrive COnference 2022

The Thrive Conference invites leaders from our educational communities including teachers, staff members, administrators, board members, community members, business leaders, parents and students to engage in a discussion and networking event that highlights:

  • What is THRIVING in our schools and educational community?

  • What needs to THRIVE?

Participants will be invited to sign up for the breakout sessions of their interest until they are filled. The team of facilitators includes International, National and local leaders who contribute to THRIVING schools.

Thrive COnference Sessions

Hip Hop Dance Session


Join us for a fun and energetic class filled with movement and Hip Hop music!

Thrive Conference 2022 - HHM.mp4

Nature Journaling


In this session, middle schoolers introduce nature journaling to elementary students with the help of educators from the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains. A nature journal is a space where learners can record their observations, their thoughts, and their feelings about what they see in nature. It's a space for people to learn and grow, nurturing their creativity and building their critical thinking and scientific skills.

Thrive Conference 2022 - Nature Journaling.mp4

Online Playful Learning: River, Media and Digital Literacies

  • Better results through Playful Learning

  • Playful Learning provides research-based pedagogical training, methods and tools. We take learning outdoors. As proven, mind-on, hands-on and body-on activities bring 25 % better learning results – our approach teaches how to do this. Our mission is to bring the advantages of playful learning to every child and adult around the world, despite of cultural background and local curriculums. Playful Learning is adaptable at all school and age levels. Users of Playful Learning are teachers, teacher trainers, principals, policy makers and persons who are interested in the power of play and games in learning.

  • Website:

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Paint Splatters


We will be creating a colorful paint splatter drawing using colored pencils. Students will learn about color blending and shading. Lesson is best suited to 4th grade and up, but all are welcome!

Materials: Paper, pencil, colored pencils

Thrive Conference 2022 - Paint Splatters.mp4

Eye in the Sky - Looking at our Past


Curiosity starts your education. Why does this happen? What caused that? Where did this come from? Questions that motivate me are: “Is there life on other planets?”, “When did the first stars form?”, and “How do galaxies evolve?”. We are at an exciting time to answer these questions. On Christmas Day, the James Webb telescope was launched into space. Over two weeks, scientists and engineers survived nail-biting anxiety as the telescope emerged from its cocoon and unfolded flawlessly to peer into space. Webb will soon search for life signs on planets around other stars. Webb will look back in time to see the first stars emerge from the debris of the Big Bang. Webb will watch galaxies like our Milky Way form from clouds of gas and dust. Join us as we explore the marvels of the James Webb telescope – our Eye in the Sky.

Thrive Conference 2022-Eye in the Sky.mp4

Rio’s Middle School, Rio’s Former Students Currently in High School & Colleges “Student Leadership Panel”


Come and listen to current and former Rio student voices:

From Rio’s Middle School, Rio Students who are in local High Schools as well as Rio’s students who are currently in College in various places as they talk about their experiences at these different settings. These from the various settings will share their school - life experiences and areas where they thrive. Come and hear where they are in their educational lives and the success they have had and how they got to where they are at.

Thrive Conference 2022 - Student Panel.mp4

Create a Cityscape


Join me in this fun class where we will create a cityscape using collage. You will learn about shapes, colors, and will be introduced to perspective. Supplies needed scissors, glue, and various colored paper.

Thrive Conference 2022 - Cityscape.mp4

Let's Make a Million


Come here and help jumpstart a new Math Fun project called

Let's Make a Million - Math Learners and Classes will learn to make centimeter and inch cubes and then join a game for points and prizes as we build a giant cube with 1,000,000 million cubes in it....

It's easy and fun and there will be plenty of math learning for learners of all ages...

Website Link

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Girl's STEAM Club


If you are interested in rocket launches, robotics, and crazy science experiments, join us for an inside look of some of the activities our Girls STEAM Club has already done, as well as a sneak peak of more fun to come. In our club, girls build confidence and gain knowledge by learning and expanding on topics such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics through hands-on learning activities. Connect with us and get your questions answered by our club leaders and teachers while also getting to see a live robot demonstration!

Thrive Conference 2022 - Girls Steam Club.mp4

Acting with CHARACTER


This ACTION PACKED acting workshop will teach students to create characters using movement, voice and their imagination! Physical, fast-paced and FUN!

Thrive Conference 2022-Acting with CHARACTER.mp4

Cultivating Mindfulness in Food & Nature


This presentation discusses what mindfulness is and how we can use it to elevate our everyday experiences, from food to walks in nature. Participants will engage in a series of mindfulness activities. Come ready to engage your five senses, connect with food, and observe nature!

Thrive Conference 2022-Cultivating Mindfulness in Food & Nature.mp4

Mesa Glider Workshop


The Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) College Preparation program is a college and career prep engine that propels student diversity and achievement in science, technology, engineering and math. The UC Santa Barbara MESA Center has MESA elective classes at Rio del Valle, Real Real, and Rio Vista for 6th-8th grade students.

For this session, we will work on a modified MESA glider for 4th and 5th grade classes. This will give students an idea what the MESA projects are like and we hope some of you will join the MESA program when you move to 6th grade.

Thrive Conference 2022-Mesa Glider Workshop.mp4

River Literacy Project - Tijuana


The River Literacy Project is an online, Transdisciplinary, Inquiry-based learning project designed to connect children, teachers, classrooms, schools, and communities from around the world.The basic design idea for the project involves students and teachers around the world in learning and sharing their learnings related to their local rivers. The RLP guiding question is: How can we help the river find its way for the next 100 years?


Leader in Me


Our Rio Lindo Team will share our journey and experience using the Leader in Me. We will include a brief overview of the program. As well as, highlight the implementation success we have observed thus far. Rio Lindo Teachers will share their experience using the LIM in classrooms and the impact they have seen with their students academic and social/emotional progress.

Thrive Conference 2022-Leader In Me.mp4

Increasing Student Ownership and Accountability with CHAMPS


Teachers will learn how to implement or enhance their protocols for student engagement using CHAMPS expectations, student jobs, and positive reinforcement. Hear and see ways to share your in-person space with your students that gives them a sense of belonging, while lessening your daily demands as an educator.

Thrive Conference 2022 - Increasing Student Ownership and Accountability with

Art Criticism & Arts Integration


Art Criticism can be used in any classroom setting and is an excellent way to help your students develop their high order thinking skills. Art Criticism is also a fun way to engage students and integrate art into other subject areas.

Thrive Conference 2022 - Art Criticism & Arts

Cultivating Adventurous Eaters


Participants will learn evidence-based approaches to support children’s development as adventurous eaters and how to teach children about healthy eating without food shaming. Come ready to learn how we can support children to joyfully nourish themselves and grow into competent eaters!

Thrive Conference 2022 - Cultivating Adventurous Eaters.mp4

South Coast Writing Project


Come learn more about the South Coast Writing Project, part of the National Writing Project network. We will get a sense of what the summer institute is and why it is so powerful. Use this opportunity to nominate a worthy colleague or to apply yourself.

Thrive Conference 2022 - South Coast Writing Project.mp4

Women in Leadership


Women leaders experience unique barriers to success and often need specific women-leadership development programs to help them overcome these barriers. This workshop aims to help women understand themselves as leaders, overcome barriers to advancement, and align their personal values with their work. It focuses on female leadership in education and examines some of the inequities that exist as well as how females are thriving as leaders. In a relaxed, stress-free environment, you’ll learn ways to support female pathways to leadership and how to support and lift females up in their professional pursuits shoulder to shoulder with other professionals, networking with leaders you’d never had a chance to otherwise.

Thrive Conference 2022-Women in Leadership.mp4

Critical Thinking in Reading Strategies


Critical Thinking in Reading Strategies using Detective/Mystery theming. "Discovering" story elements.

Thrive Conference 2022-Critical Thinking in Reading Strategies.mp4

Dance Degree at CSUCI


The Dance Studies program at CSU Channel Islands centers around dance and movement as the embodied understanding of the human experience. Dance is where bodies--both individual and communal--find deeper connection to communities, social ideas, a complex global world, and human subjectivity. Throughout their journey at CI, regardless of ability or previous access, students will connect dance to heritage, history, and social structures, preparing them to be mindful citizens and dance artists, creating a more equitable world in the twenty-first century.

Thrive Conference 2022-Dance Degree at CSUCI.mp4



Gaming & Game Design are a part of modern life. Skoolcade taps into the intrinsic fun of gaming and builds on student’s interest. Skoolcade is the final event that brings together students & teachers in a high energy event to share student created games. Students get the opportunity to talk to industry professionals and each other about how their games were developed. During this presentation, we’ll discuss how to get your students involved and take coding to the next level at your school.

Thrive Conference 2022-Skoolcade.mp4

Art Left & Right Brain Projects; Art as Therapy


I teach Art k-6th grade in all of Ventura County. I am an Artist in the Classroom with VCAC (Ventura County Arts Council). I see the direct, amazing, effects that Art has on children. My assignments leave the children inspired, confident, happy and proud. I also teach techniques, history of art, and how we are intrinsically tied to color & nature. I would like to present some of my projects via slideshow and explain the origin and benefits of each project.

Thrive Conference 2022-Art as Therapy.mp4

Supporting your Child's Food Journey


This presentation will highlight how food impacts both physical and emotional well-being. It will be a celebration of bodily and cultural diversity. It also hopes to help parents and mentors teach kids to have a more positive experience with food.

Thrive Conference 2022-Supporting your Child's Food Journey.mp4

2 hour Sessions

Partnerships & Leadership


This course will talk about how partnerships and leadership go hand in hand and will be a round table with leaders from various districts and business community members.

Thrive Conference 2022-Partnership and Leadership.mp4

The Meander


Join the writers and editors of Rio Del Sol's The Meander as they engage us in innovative and creative writing activities, and feedback sessions. We will end with a reading of some pieces from our debut issue.

Thrive Conference 2022 - The Meander.mp4

Since its beginnings as a one-room schoolhouse in 1885, the Rio School District has been the center of the community for all the families it has served. Today, the thriving District continues its tradition of caring for each student. Through teaching excellence, close working relationships and community partnerships, Rio School District inspires students and employees to strive to be lifelong learners who are engaged in the community.