About Rince Nua

Rince Nua (pronounced Rin-ka, New-a) is Irish for ‘New Dance’

School History

Owner and founder, Erin Cooney, has been teaching Irish Dance since 2002, establishing Rince Nua Irish Dance in Maple Grove in 2012.

Erin is a certified Irish Dance Teacher (ODCRN) with an Open Platform Irish Dance Organization in Ireland called Cumann Rince Náisiúnta (CRN). Erin received her Irish Dance Teacher Diploma (ODCRN) in 2009 after completing a 5 year Irish Dance Teacher Training course and passing two, three-day Irish Dance Teacher Exams in Ireland.

Rince Nua is an Open Platform Irish Dancing School, thus our dancers are able to compete at any Open Platform Event. We currently participate in Digital Feis and CRN. As a school, we attend CRN Regionals (October), and CRN Nationals (February). Some of our dancers also compete at the Irish Open in Ireland (May), the World Championships in Ireland (June), and other CRN School Feile.

We offer Irish Dance classes for children 18 months through age 18.

Our Values

1. Kindness (to be friendly, helpful, approachable, and caring in order to provide a quality learning environment)

2. Respectfulness (to property, others, and to self)

3. Coach-ability and Good Sportsmanship (follow the rules and be open to advice - want what is best for self, for teammates, and for people outside our school)

4. Healthy Lifestyle Habits (striving for vibrant health and a healthy mind, body and relationships - setting up positive life habits)

5. Positivity (solution-focused)

6. Patience (trusting the journey, and understanding that achievement and success is a long-term process)

7. Modest Dress (dressing in a modest way that respects self and others)

Our Vision

Providing opportunities for lifelong personal growth and development through Irish Dance.

Our Mission

Our dancers receive weekly instruction and have a full array of Irish Dance experiences (from local performances to international competitions). Working as an open platform school, we offer a progressive program with skill development allowing dancers to grow in confidence, build upon success, and experience long-term achievement through commitment, patience, supportive peers, inspiring mentors, and a positive mindset.

Facility Info

Rince Nua Irish Dance

10701 93rd Ave N, Suite E

Maple Grove MN 55369

Our Facility Features:

    • 3,292 sq. ft. total space
    • 3 dance rooms (Studio A,B,C)
    • O’Mara Sprung Floors Practice Flooring in Studio A & B
    • Elevated Competition Flooring in Studio C
    • Non-slip dance surface over wood flooring
    • Dancers’ Room (to get ready for class)
    • Pre-Owned Costume & Shoe Sales Room
    • Family Room with TV viewing of classes (for parents and siblings)
    • 2 Restrooms
    • Staff Office
    • Reception Desk for customer service questions
    • Air-Conditioning
    • Free Wi-Fi

Class Semesters

Rince Nua offers a year-round class program with two semesters:

    • Fall/Winter Semester: September through March
    • Spring/Summer Semester: April through August

Communications with Families

Communication From Rince Nua

Our primary means of communication with our dance families is through E-mail. You will be added to our e-mail listing when you enroll in classes.

Additional places to find information:

  • Our "Rince Nua Connect" Facebook Group
  • Signage in the studio entryway and family room

Communication To Rince Nua

General questions: E-mail us at info@rincenua.com or ask a staff member at the front desk.

The studio phone number is 763-390-4989.

Concerns: Fill out the “Talk to Us” form online at https://rincenua.wufoo.com/forms/talk-to-us/

Communication with Leadership Staff and Teachers

Our General Manager, Rhiannon, can be reached at info@rincenua.com

Our Dance Director, Ms Claire, can be reached at claire.rincenua@gmail.com

Please do not contact teaching staff through facebook messaging, text messaging, personal phone calls, or personal e-mail.

Studio Closures


Rince Nua closes for major USA Holidays including Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

Extended Breaks

  • Fall Break: Wednesday/Thursday classes are not held over MEA School Break
  • Winter Break: Approximately 1.5 to 2 week break during Christmas and New Years
  • Spring Break: No classes St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) and approx. 1-2 weeks off
  • Summer Break: 1 week off (fourth of July week) in July, and 1 week off in August (last week)

Class Cancellations due to Major Competitions/Travel

Rince Nua closes during Major Irish Dance competitions (Regionals, Nationals, Worlds) and provides days off before and/or after for our dancers and coaches to travel to these events that are held throughout the USA and internationally. These closure dates may vary from year to year depending on the competition calendar, the number of dancers participating in events and specific travel arrangements.

Weather Cancellations

Rince Nua follows Osseo Area School, ISD 279 for after school closures do to inclement weather. Notifications of weather cancellations will be e-mailed and posted in our Facebook Group. At times, we do cancel (even if Osseo does not cancel) in the case that we deem it unsafe for teachers to travel to the studio as we have teachers traveling from all over the metro area.

Class Cancellations

If the class is cancelled due to any reason (other than weather) example: instructor illness/ no sub available, you will be notified via e-mail and the class will be rescheduled at a date/time that works for the teacher.


At times, we ask for parent volunteers at performance or competition events. We will either contact you directly to inquire, or send an email with a link to an online sign-up genius form.

Injury Prevention Guidelines

At Rince Nua, we want to protect our dancers from injury as much as possible. To that end, we provide a sprung dance floor for maximum safety. We use a progressive curriculum, which was designed with dancer's safety in mind. And also we encourage year-round training while taking small breaks to recover and we encouraging cross training for dancers to maintain whole body fitness.

Ask any Irish Dancer, and they will tell you that Irish Dance is a sport, and a very demanding one at that! Like all sports, Irish Dance carries some risk for injury. It is important to take into account the unique nature of Irish dance while thinking about injury prevention.

Irish dance is different from some other activities that use a variety of full-body motions. Irish dance is very repetitive and primarily focused on the foot and ankle. A good sports analogy is baseball pitchers, who are susceptible to overuse injuries like sprains and tendonitis in the shoulder and elbow. As a result, pitchers of all levels take special precautions in order to prevent injuries.

Dancers and their parents have an important role to play in injury prevention. Below are some guidelines for injury prevention that we would like all dancers to keep in mind, whether they are in the studio or at home.

In Class

  • Dancers should advance through the program at a reasonable pace to avoid attempting moves that they aren’t ready for. Rely on teachers to tell you when you are ready to advance.
  • Dancers should warm up, and cool down/stretch.
  • Dancers MUST wear appropriate dance shoes or dance sneakers in class. Repeatedly hitting a bare foot on a hard surface can lead to stress fractures.
  • Dancers should not suddenly or dramatically increase the amount of hours per week that they are dancing overall.
  • Dancers should take one day off per week with NO dancing to let their body recover.
  • Dancers should never attempt to dance through pain. If a dancer is injured in class, she should tell the instructor immediately.
  • If a dancers legs or feet feel weak or unsteady, take a water break and recover. Fatigue is a major risk factor for injury.
  • When returning from an injury, go slow! Dancing again too quickly is a major cause of re-injury.

Home Practice Guidelines

  • Don’t dance on concrete or other hard, unforgiving surfaces. Dancing on floors that don’t have any ‘give’ can lead to stress fractures and shin splints.
  • Avoid dancing in bare feet or socks on hard wood or tile floors. Repeatedly hitting bare feet on a hard surface can lead to stress fractures of the foot.
  • Avoid dancing on uneven surfaces like grass or sand. It puts you at risk for sprains.
  • Vary your dances and drills. Drilling the same steps continually can lead to overuse injuries.
  • Use class time and cross training to increase your overall strength and cardio fitness so that you are able to dance longer without getting tired.
  • Rest one day a week OR replace dance with cross training or other low-impact exercise on your off day. Muscles and bones need time to heal and remodel after each practice session. Stress fractures can develop when the bones do not have time to heal, and unhealed muscles are at higher risk for sprains.
  • Wear well-constructed, supportive footwear outside of dance class to keep feet and ankles strong and safe. (Say no to flip flops unless at the beach!)
  • Parents should encourage their dancers to listen to their bodies’ signals and let you or their teachers know if something doesn't feel right.

At-Home Practice

Practice Music

We recommend the following music for dancers to use for at-home practice:

Website: www.irishdancetunes.com

Click on: Music store

Digital Album: 100% CRN Volume II for $11.99

In-Home Dance Flooring

For a list of possible at-home DIY dance floor options, review this post in Rince Nua Connect.

Studio Contact Information

Website: www.RinceNua.com

Studio Phone: 763-390-4989

E-mail: Info@RinceNua.com

Rince Nua Connect: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1645692985687220/