Resources Justice & Management

A federally recognized 501c3 organization offering:

Prevention strategies targeting barriers that continue the cycle of poverty in the United States through research, development and analysis, systematic program development and desperate organizational fiscal holdings.

Opportunities that level justice protocols and encourages systems change

Cultural specific resources to designed to fit your specific Organizational and Individual needs

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Solutions

Building Health Wealth and Wellness

Stronger Organizations Communities Families

Capitalize on building more supportive networks through management of fiscal holdings for organizations and programmatic services for individuals


  • Healthy Lifestyle Solutions Workshop Series

  • Performance , Physical, and Written Arts Camp

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices

  • Rapid Rehousing

  • Beyond the Bars (for families and individuals faced with incarceration)

  • Violence Prevention, Mediation and De-Escalation Workshop

  • Annual Community Holiday Event

  • Peer Recovery Support

  • Organizational Management Services (grant writing, program fiscal, program management, program development, needs assessment, strategic planning

  • Civic Engagement