Riesenbach Family History

Human kindness, compassion, common decency

As the child of a Holocaust survivor, I have been raised under the weight of the idea that I am alive only because of selfless human kindness. If not for Julia, Jozef and Janina Bar, my father's family would surely have been shot or transported to Belzec or Auschwitz to die in a gas chamber.

The horrors of the Holocaust are, unfortunately, replayed again and again in trouble spots around the world as genocidal hysteria grips nations. The only thing we have keeping us in check is the ancestral memory of the consequences of intolerance when it is allowed to permeate through a society.

The story of the survival of the Riesenbachs is but one small story among thousands of stories of the victims of the Holocaust. Most will never be told. I created this Website as a historical record and communication channel for the sake of my children, and the children of others who care about the survival of the Jewish people.

It is my obligation and my honour to help tell my father's story.

The Story of the Survival of the Riesenbach Family

Joe Riesenbach’s recollection of his youth, his family, the war, liberation and his emigration to Canada.

Annotated with references and links.

Joe's Story of the Survival of the Riesenbach Family

Riesenbach family home in Markowa, Poland circa 1950
Joseph Riesenbach giving testimony

Joe Riesenbach Shoah History Interview

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation interview of Joe Riesenbach . The interview took place in March 1997 at Joe and Ruth’s condo in Hallendale, Florida.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Audio Interview with Jakob (Yakel) Riesenbach

Ron Riesenbach’s October 1986 interview with Jacob Riesenbach. Jacob recalls life prior to the Nazi occupation, life under the occupation, the harrowing months and years in hiding and the liberation and emigration from Poland.

1. Forward

2. Introduction

3. Pre WWII


5. Post WWII

6. DP Period

Jacob Riesenbach
Janina Bar (Riesenbach family saviour) meeting Joe Riesenbach at their home in Markowa, Poland, September 2000

Mission to Poland, September 2000

A multi-media travelogue detailing a journey of remembrance back to the village of his birth in Poland in the fall of 2000. Accompanying Joe on this journey was his wife Ruth, his son Ron, and cousins from Argentina Natalio and Anna Anmuth and their son and daughter-in-law Gabi and Marisa Anmuth.

Mission to Poland, September 2000

Argentinian Newspaper Article Covering Mission to Poland

Argentinian newspaper story covering the mission to Poland from the perspective of Gabi and Marisa.

Spanish - <link>

Machine converted English - <link>

Canadian Jewish News Article Covering Joe’s Mission to Poland

December 2000 article in the Canadian Jewish News reporting on Joe’s meeting with Janina Bar and her family.


Survivors of the Shoah Interview by Leah and Shloime Yunger

Video Interview with Jacob (Yakel) Riesenbach, July 1991

Riesenbach Family Torah

Among the few possessions the Riesenbach brought out of Poland to Canada was a Torah. The town of Markowa did not have enough Jews to warrant the building of a synagogue, so a room in the Riesenbach home was used to house the community Torah and for community prayer. After emigrating and living a few years in Canada, the Torah was given (loaned?) to a Toronto synagogue.

This is a recounting of the time in January of 1998 when we tried to locate this Torah.

Descendants of Jacob and Eta Riesenbach

Riesenbach Family Tree