Writing Notebook Strategies

Need some help getting started with your writing homework? Try one of these strategies:

  1. WRITE OFF AN EMOTION --- Name an emotion (fear, happiness, excitement, confusion, etc.). List one or two times that you felt that emotion. Write an entry about that moment in your life.
  2. SKETCH FOR MEANING -- Give yourself 5 minutes to sketch an important place from your life. Work hard to put in as much detail as you can. Then, write about a time in that place, trying to incorporate the details you drew into your story.
  3. FIRST TIMES/LAST TIMES --- Make a list of important first times (first time you rode a two-wheeler, first time you scored a goal, first time you saw your brother, etc.) or last times (last time you saw a special person, last time you went somewhere, etc.). Write about one of those moments.
  4. IMPORTANT PEOPLE/PLACES/OBJECTS --- make a list of the important people, places or objects in your life. Tell a story about an item on your list.
  5. CRAFT PRACTICE --- Look back in your notebook and find an entry that you enjoy. Now, try to rewrite it by working on your craft. You can try to include more sensory details. You can try to work on the lead of the writing pieces. You can try to use stronger verbs. You can slow down the time to stretch out the moment. You can add "Say. Do. Do."