Reading Notebook Strategies

Need some help getting started with your reading response? Try one of these strategies:

  1. FOCUS ON THE CHARACTER --- Identify the character's qualities or traits and use what the characters says, does or thinks to prove your thinking. Or you can work backwards . . .collect information about what the character say, does and thinks and make an inference about what type of person the character is.
  2. CHARACTER CHANGE --- Explain how your character changes in the text and identify what you think motivated that change.
  3. SKETCH FOR MEANING -- Use sketching as a way to make sense out of something confusing in the text. Then, explain what was confusing.
  4. MESSAGE --- Think about the themes or messages in the text. What is it that the author wants you to believe? Do you agree with that message?
  5. LIFT A LINE --- Lift a line from the text that you found powerful. Write about that line, including why you loved it or why it was so important.
  6. STEP IN THE CHARACTER'S SHOES--- Imagine that you were the main character or a secondary character, would you have acted the same way? Explain why or why not.
  7. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EMOTIONS--- Identify a part of the text that made you uncomfortable, sad, hopeful, etc. Explain why you felt that way.