Math: Extra Resources

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In addition to access to the text and instructional videos, there are also interactive games.

(Students add the letters, “ps” to their regular student access password.)

Example: Student access password is butter6/Pearson Realize password is butter6ps


Fuel the Brain

Common Core Standards math games suitable for all ages


Common Core Standards math games for each grade level

Khan Academy

Master math concepts and skills at your own pace using video tutorials

(Other subjects available, too!)

Math Playground

Games for all ages – look for Thinking Blocks to practice Bar Models/Diagrams!

PBS Kids

Math games for all ages


Math games using all operations – try Snork's Long Division!

Apps for All Ages:

Splash Math - math for all ages

Math Blaster: Hyperblast 2HD - ride your Hypercycle through space while doing facts

Operation Math - speed drills in a fun setting (+, -, x, /)

Math Evolve - arcade style game to practice all facts

Mathmateer - build a rocket while practicing facts

AB Math - mental math for practicing facts

Math Bingo - practice facts in an engaging way

Marble Math - solve math as you roll a marble through mazes

Apps for Grades 4-5: (Challenge yourself and get ready for what comes next!)

Any Motion Math game

Motion Math: Zoom - using animals, students practice place value from thousands to thousandths

Motion Math: Fractions! - practice comparing, estimating, converting and plotting on a number line

Fractions Smart Pirates - practice adding, comparing, and equivalence of fractions

Oh No Fractions! - compare fractions using numbers and pictures

Math Maniac - combine numbers to equal the given number

King of Math - improve your math by racing around solving problems