ERMS 8th Grade Team 2

Team 2 Annoucements

Common Ground 2018

Dear Grade 8 Team 2 Parents,

Beginning on Monday, March 19 through Thursday, March 22 our team will participate in Common Ground in partnership with the Aldrich Art Museum where students in small, collaborative groups will explore ideas in response to a challenge (this was presented today to the entire 8th grade by the artist in residency Jean-Marc Superville Sovak).

Key dates:

  • Monday, March 19 - STUDENTS NEED TO BRING A BAG LUNCH (working at the Aldrich Museum)
  • Thursday, March 22 - STUDENTS NEED TO BRING A BAG LUNCH (working at the Aldrich Museum)

This program is FREE of charge to students; however, we do require parent permission for the off site visits to the museum.

Please join us this year as our students host a "STEAM EXPO" in the evening of March 28th from 6:30-7:30, when they will share their learning with parents and community members.

Your child received the below permission slip from Mrs. Sullivan (science) last week; however, we wanted to follow up via email and provide a digital copy and additional information. Thank you for taking to time to read about the program and turning in the permission slip.

Common Ground 2018 Permission Slip.pdf

RHS Grade 8-9 Transition: presentation

presented to students Friday: Jan. 19.

RHS Transition, T2

Welcome back to ERMS and grade 8

We hope that everyone is well rested, relaxed, and had a wonderful summer spent with family and friends. This team website will allow the academic teachers to communicate various team and school announcements throughout the year.

Additionally, each academic teacher has their own dedicated web site (icons below) with course prospectus, calendar for homework/assessments, and other materials to ensure a successful eighth grade year.

Open House Presentation

Thank you to our team 2 parents who were able to spend the evening at ERMS with us on September 28.

Open House 2017 - Grade 8 Team 2

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