About the Site

We have two main objectives with our new Technology Resources website!

  1. Provide students and teachers with up to date news on technology in use at Richland School District.
  2. Provide tutorials on technology in use at Richland School District.

As always, if you need help feel free to stop in the technology office.

Phone: (814) 266-1342

Technology News!

October 2017

September 2017

Google Classroom:

Google Docs

  • You can now magnify your screen in Google Docs on the web. Learn more

Google Forms

  • Copy a chart from the "Responses" section of a Google Form and paste it into other files. Learn more

Google Sheets

  • You can now zoom in and out of a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, without needing to zoom in or out of the entire web browser. Learn more

Google Sites

Google Slides:

  • Present like a pro: new updates in Slides designed to make you look good. Learn more

August 2017

Google Classroom:

  • See a single view of a student’s work—Teachers can now get a list of all work by a student in a class. Students can see a list of all their work for a class in one place. Teachers and students can filter the list by assignment status or grade.
  • Reorder class cards—Teachers and students can reorder their classes on the Classroom home page.
  • Decimal grades—Teachers can use decimal grades for grading.
  • Display the class code—When inviting students to a class, teachers can display the class code in full screen.
  • Transfer class ownership—Administrators and teachers can transfer ownership of classes to another teacher.
  • Use the Google bar— Users can easily switch between Classroom and other G Suite tools, and access Classroom directly from the App