Miss Holtzer's ELA Class


I just wanted to share an update with you all regarding AR logs for the next two quarters! Instead of writing a summary of what they read, students will now be RESPONDING to what they read. This means that they will be able to write about what they enjoyed in the section, what confused them, something that reminded them of something else they've read, etc. We went over an example today which will show up as "Sunday" on their reading log! There are also some example sentence starters on the back of the log as well! Should you have any questions about this new format, please feel free to get in touch!

This week in class...

This week in class, students will continue to work through their StoryWorks where we have been working on making inferences on works of nonfiction. Students have continued to do an amazing job with making inferences so far this year! Students will also be finalizing their final copies of their holiday tradition essays if they have not finished yet. This will be one of the first couple of grades for their Language Arts grade for Quarter 3! In grammar, students will begin to learn about the different types of sentences.

Homework for the week will be as followed:

  • Tuesday ~ Spelling Sort
  • Wednesday ~ Spelling Definitions (both sides)
  • Thursday ~ 3x Each

The test will be on Friday, and the AR log will also be due on Friday. Just a reminder that the AR log format has changed a little bit. Check out the above post or the section "Reading Logs" under "About This Class" to explain this further!

A Look Back...

This is where I will post LAST WEEK'S entry. This way, you can check up on anything you might have missed or review what we did the previous week!

This week in class, we will be focusing a lot on vocabulary to prepare for the vocab test on Wednesday. Students will complete the review page for this lesson, and we will turn it into a study guide for the students to use to help them study for the test. If you click the vocabulary tab under the "About This Class" section of my website, you will be able to find the Quizlet link for this lesson. Students can also find this on their Google Classrooms. We will also continue looking at making inferences about works of nonfiction. In writing, students have been working on their rough drafts and final copies for their holiday tradition essays! Homework for this week will be as followed:

  • MONDAY ~ Spelling Sort
  • TUESDAY ~ Spelling Definitions
  • WEDNESDAY ~ 3x Each

As well as a nightly AR log entry. Students will turn in their AR log in on Thursday, and the spelling test will be on the same day. Just a reminder that AR points are also due on Friday, January 18th.

Students also received book orders. These orders are due on Wednesday, January 16th.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is where I post assignments that students need to complete in class. Students and families can access Google Classroom at home to check out what is coming up in class. Links will also be posted from time to time that can help students study the various concepts we are working on in class.

Click here to access Google Classroom. Students will use their Richland username and password to sign in. Be sure to also add @richlandrams.net to the username if you are accessing this from home!

The calendar below includes due dates that come from our Google Classroom and our Menu. These assignments are ONLY to be done at home if they are not completed in class by the due date. Students have plenty of class time to complete these assignments. If a student is to complete a particular assignment that is listed on the Menu for homework, they will be notified individually.