Carolina Alliance for Technology

The Carolina Alliance for Technology (CAT) program is a collaboration of three school districts and four high schools in the state of South Carolina. Together we are working to address the skills gap in high growth H-1B computer science and engineering industries and occupations.

CAT redesigns the high school experience and creates a more personalized, hands-on learning community within these schools. It also provides opportunities for career exploration, job shadowing, industry mentoring and service learning projects.

RVHS CAT program promotes service learning, project-based learning, career-based field studies, job shadowing, internship placement, mentoring and extended learning opportunities through partnerships and Information Technology and Engineering based business.

Our CAT program also provides opportunities for students to earn college credits and nationally recognized certification upon successful completion of such an amazing program!

Summer opportunities to attend the Clemson University Summer Scholars program and Disney Youth Education Series for Leadership and Teamwork are available for students that qualify to attend!

CAT Program Participation:

CAT Students:

  • Take at least one CAT Computer Science course or Engineering course per year
  • Complete Interest Inventories, skill surveys and work ready skills training
  • Acquire 24 high school credit per state requirement for graduation
  • Engage in career exploration field studies and job shadowing
  • Have opportunities for internships/apprenticeships
  • Participate and complete at least one service learning project per year
  • Attend 1 CAT field study per year
  • Participate in CAT mentoring program
  • May accumulate college credit